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This kind in a sentence

1. This kind of critique is not new;

2. Attacks of this kind recurred.

3. "Nobody does this kind of material.

4. But this kind of jigsaw I relish.

5. We want this kind of chaos."

6. The more well-to-do had this kind.

7. Most overlays are of this kind.

8. The more well-to-do had this kind.

9. This kind of opened the door.

10. A very rare temple of this kind.

11. You neutralize this kind.

12. A pip of this kind."

13. Maybe this kind of Date is for you!

14. (No One Has This Kind of People!).

15. It was his first work of this kind.

16. But I like this kind of risk.

17. In this kind of Lewis acid.

18. OK if you like this kind of thing."

19. Poems of this kind &

20. This kind of silence can speak.

21. People need this kind of hope.

22. This kind of socks stains easily.

23. This kind of cloth shrinks easily.

24. This kind of food is constipating.

25. Buy this kind of mop, they say.

26. This kind of weapon is obsolete.

27. I like this kind of coffer.

28. This kind of wood splinters easily.

29. This kind of food sickens me.

30. I often had this kind of plaint.