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This frog in a sentence

1. This frog crawls rather than hops.

2. This frog reaches 45 mm in length.

3. This frog is opportunistic at best.

4. This frog reaches 40 mm in length.

5. This frog can reach up to 80 mm in length.

6. This frog is up to 13 cm long.

7. This frog reaches about 45 mm in length.

8. This frog feeds on a variety of insects.

9. This frog is white underneath.

10. The tympanum of this frog is not visible.

11. This frog also have many varians of dorsal colour.

12. Distribution and ecology of this frog are unknown.

13. The IUCN lists this frog as "near threatened".

14. This frog is active at night.

15. This frog has a slender overall appearance.

16. Very little is known of this frog and its habits.

17. This frog is associated with bromeliads.

18. This frog is threatened by habitat loss.

19. This frog lives in lowland rainforest.

20. The dorsal surface of this frog is light green.

21. This frog is used for human consumption.

22. this frog has not been seen since 1987.

23. This frog is endemic to the Philippines.

24. This frog breeds in the rainy season.

25. This frog lives in rainforests.

26. This frog lives near streams in forested habitat.

27. This frog has a convoluted taxonomic history;

28. This frog is endemic to Madagascar.

29. This frog has stripes on its bumpy back.

30. This frog's eardrums are as big as her eyes.