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This capsule in a sentence

1. This capsule is permeable to water and gases, and swells considerably as it absorbs water.

2. This "capsule" cloaks antigenic proteins on the bacterial surface that would otherwise provoke an immune response and thereby lead to the destruction of the bacteria.

3. This capsule is strengthened by the coracohumeral ligament which attaches the coracoid process of the scapula to the greater tubercle of the humerus.

4. The risorius is a small muscle embedded with this capsule substance.

5. This capsule would be placed within an engineered shell, the hohlraum, which acted similar to the bomb casing.

6. This capsule contained scientific instruments.

7. Third layer of the encryption: Then, this capsule is transmitted via a secure SSL/TLS connection to the communication partner.

8. This capsule contained the camera system, its film, recovery beacons, parachutes and a destruct charge.

9. This capsule enhanced the survival of the probiotic when traveling both in-vitro and in-vivo.

10. This capsule is made of two halves, like a plastic easter egg (Figure 6).

11. This capsule is transparent, making the embryo visible during development.

12. This capsule was originally invented by Dr. William H Crosby to assist in diagnosing Coeliac disease.

13. This capsule was used in a beach abort test, and then subsequently used in the LJ1A flight.

14. This capsule included new varieties of color blocks and asymmetrical details.

15. When his kayak was recovered, only this capsule was missing.

16. This capsule was recovered in 1924 and presented to the company.

17. the main component of this capsule is polyribosyl ribitol phosphate (PRP).

18. If Tsukuyomi can get hold of this capsule, Yamata no Orochi will return to life and its power will become his.

19. Furthermore, this capsule inhibits entry of antibiotics.

20. This capsule allows B. anthracis to evade the host immune system by protecting itself from phagocytosis.

21. This capsule will be opened at the 200th anniversary celebrations of the Club.

22. The larva develops inside this capsule, feeding on one of the two seeds found in each burr.

23. On this capsule, we cover product launches, provide a review guide, and comparisons between the best of products available in the market.

24. According to the group, development on this capsule has been abandoned due to the physiological problems associated with rapid acceleration of a human in standing position.

25. Only the steering column enters this capsule.

26. This capsule is strengthened by the ventral, interosseous, and dorsal sacroiliac ligaments.

27. This capsule consists of sporogenous tissue, a peristome to regulate the dispersal of spores, and an operculum to protect early release.

28. In H. microphylla, in contrast to other members of the genus, this capsule has thin, leathery valves and does not burst open when ripe to expel the seeds.

29. The immune system of the fish reacts by producing a capsule of connective tissue around the larva, this capsule retains the larvae for the fish's life.

30. This capsule, it is hoped, will contain material from Itokawa, a half-kilometre-long asteroid whose orbit crosses the Earth's.