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This body in a sentence

1. We do not have a Punic name for this body.

2. This body was last filled on July 2010.

3. We do not have a name for this body.

4. This body elects the NCAA's President.

5. However, this body only existed on paper;

6. This body elected the mayor.

7. This body is premillennial in eschatology.

8. This body was abolished in 1887.

9. However, this body was largely inactive.

10. -Aah! -It's me, in this body.

11. This body of water is Devil's Lake.

12. This body is nothing;

13. This body is composed of two groups.

14. This body comprised 35 member states.

15. This body was proposed in October 1933.

16. This body was made up of Prof.

17. This body consists of 33-35 members.

18. This body is called Goodu(or housing).

19. This body meets twice each year.

20. He worked for this body for four years.

21. There were 13 commissioners in this body.

22. This was the first time this body sat;

23. The London Society became this body.

24. Bullets from this body read "burn".

25. This body was chaired by Sukarno.

26. This body of work was called Alchera.

27. We do everything with this body.

28. This body apparently no longer exists.

29. she also served this body as president.

30. Drifting, as all of this body drifts.