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These larvae in a sentence

1. These larvae have legs and actively search out new hosts.

2. These larvae are transported back to their nests by foraging wasps.

3. Many of these larvae retract their heads into their thorax.

4. These larvae grow and take on a sac-like appearance.

5. these larvae make tunnels in plant tissues including wood.

6. These larvae then encyst within the musculature of the new host.

7. The host ingests these larvae when grazing.

8. These larvae are used to produce protein, grease, and chitin.

9. When these larvae mature, they measure about 12–14 mm long.

10. These larvae feed on the pollen ball.

11. These larvae develop directly into a new polyp.

12. these larvae will emerge as adults in the following year.

13. Upon exiting the cysts, these larvae move toward the plant's root.

14. These larvae can survive weeks embedded in sea ice.

15. These larvae then attach to the crab's newly-emerged exoskeleton.

16. These larvae are predator or inquiline cecids flies.

17. These larvae hibernate in their cocoons.

18. These larvae are released from the adult from June to July.

19. At this stage, these larvae are known as bipinnaria.

20. if not aborted, these larvae eventually emerge as abnormal adults.

21. These larvae feed on Coccoloba diversifolia.

22. These larvae have a cylindro-conical form, wider in the abdomen.

23. These larvae feed on larvae of insects, worms and small molluscs.

24. The costs of begging by these larvae have been investigated.

25. These larvae will then feed on organic matter.

26. These larvae progress through 3 instars, or stages between molting.

27. These larvae are transported back to their nests by foraging wasps.

28. These larvae are deliberately introduced to the cheese.

29. These larvae are predatory.

30. question was: What's so good about these larvae?