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These kinds in a sentence

1. Each of these kinds of bonds is ascribed to some potential.

2. Yet these kinds of duos have not always been the case.

3. The source of these kinds of errors can be hard to diagnose.

4. These kinds of crystals have one or two optical axes.

5. These kinds of keys are called dead keys.

6. There were about 30 of these kinds of fiery tests in all.

7. The raw material used for these kinds of soap is olive oil.

8. These kinds of errors can be exploited, unlike many.

9. Both these kinds of precursors give a homopolymer.

10. So far, only two of these kinds of parades have been held;

11. These kinds of widgets are hosted by a widget engine.

12. These kinds of sentiments would, however, not last for long.

13. In Azerbaijan these kinds of statues can be seen frequently.

14. On these kinds of issues, Fidel was totally unhelpful."

15. All these kinds of snail are only very distantly related.

16. Examples of these kinds of facilitation exercises include:

17. No larvae can hatch from these kinds of eggs.

18. These kinds of cylinders are called telescopic cylinders.

19. These kinds of names are excluded from this list.

20. These kinds of children are my heroes and my heroines."

21. So few people play these kinds of solos anymore."

22. Kripke rejects both these kinds of descriptivism.

23. These kinds of games are preserved in modern times.

24. These kinds of arguments have been ruled without merit.

25. Election fever sometimes leads to these kinds of excesses."

26. We live for these kinds of things.

27. I'm very interested in these kinds of stories.

28. I wanted to see if I can make these kinds of records well."

29. So far, only two of these kinds of parades have been held;

30. These kinds of spats, frankly, help neither country.