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No. sentence
1 These giants are said to have grown every year by one cubit in breadth and three cubits in height.
2 The Indians said that these giants lived on and around the peaks of nearby mountains and stole salmon from the fishermen's nets.
3 These giants are the devas and asuras who used the nāga king Vasuki in order to the churn the Ocean of Milk in quest of the amrita or elixir of immortality.
4 To decorate the reredos, the king's preferences were Michelangelo or Titian, but both of these giants were already more than eighty years old and in frail health.
5 There were these giants on the stage, and my feet were dangling over my seat.
6 Vanity Fair republished a brief tribute written by Billy Crystal in August 2005, in which he said of Caesar and his contemporaries: I get nervous when I am with these giants.
7 These giants, on whom the current versions are based, lasted for more than two hundred years before they were destroyed in the Blitz.
8 Isaacs asserted that, if examined closely enough, all common problems with older people relate to one or more of these giants.
9 And we now have this expression among us, to call gold the mouth-tale of these giants, and we conceal it in secret language or in poetry by calling it speech or words or talk of these giants.’
10 The landing strip of these giants on the water was from where the marina club is located in Mina Salman today.
11 Taiaroa Head could be the spot with highest possibilities to catch glimpses of these giants.
12 In these sources, these offspring of Seth were said to have disobeyed God, by breeding with the Cainites and producing wicked children "who were all unlike", thus angering God into bringing about the Deluge, as in the Conflict: Certain wise men of old wrote concerning them, and say in their [sacred] books that angels came down from heaven and mingled with the daughters of Cain, who bare unto them these giants.