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Theodor Benfey in a sentence

1. In 1844, Theodor Benfey suggested a language family consisting of Semitic, Berber, and Cushitic (calling the latter "Ethiopic").

2. A popular alternative structure is that of Otto Theodor Benfey (1960).

3. Among his pupils the most eminent were Peter von Bohlen, C. P. W. Gramberg, A. G. Hoffmann, Hermann Hupfeld, Emil Rödiger, J. C. F. Tuch, J. K. W. Vatke and Theodor Benfey.

4. Theodor Benfey (28 January 1809, in Nörten near Göttingen – 26 June 1881, in Göttingen) was a German philologist and scholar of Sanskrit.

5. Theodor Benfey was born into a Jewish family in the small town of Nörten, near the city of Göttingen in Lower Saxony.

6. He also studied Sanskrit under scholar Theodor Benfey at Göttingen.

7. It was the Panchatantra that served as the basis for the studies of Theodor Benfey, the pioneer in the field of comparative literature.

8. Murdoch studied Sanskrit under Theodor Benfey while at the University of Göttingen.

9. Arguments for the identification of the Proto-Indo-Europeans as steppe nomads from the Pontic–Caspian region had already been made in the 19th century by German philologists Theodor Benfey and especially Otto Schrader.

10. He spent his life chiefly at Göttingen, where he first studied philology under Theodor Benfey;

11. He supported views which were later advocated by Theodor Benfey, Parker, Isaac Taylor, and others.

12. In Theodor Benfey's periodic table the elements form a two-dimensional spiral, starting from hydrogen, and folding their way around two peninsulas, the transition metals, and lanthanides and actinides.

13. He was a member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and was one of the highest authorities on comparative philology and ethnology and the relations of the two sciences, being so regarded in particular by Theodor Benfey.

14. He began his undergraduate studies at Earlham College, where his father, Otto Theodor Benfey, was a professor in the Chemistry department, and completed his B.A. at Guilford College.

15. He studied under Theodor Benfey at the University of Göttingen, where he became member of Burschenschaft (fraternity) Hannovera,, and under Adolf Friedrich Stenzler at Breslau and with Albrecht Weber in Berlin.

16. It was the Panchatantra that served as the basis for the studies of Theodor Benfey, the pioneer in the field of comparative literature.

17. The story was first studied in 1859 by Theodor Benfey, the pioneer of comparative literature, when he compared the versions in India, the Middle East and Europe.In 1884, W. A. Clouston showed how it had reached Wales.

18. He was profoundly influenced by Jacob Grimm and Theodor Benfey.

19. Newman received his B.A. in the History of Science and Proto-Science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (1978), where he studied under the poet and literary critic Elizabeth Sewell, the chemist Otto Theodor Benfey (at Guilford College) and the Germanist Harold Jantz (at Duke University).

20. A German edition of Samaveda was published in 1848 by Theodor Benfey, and Satyavrata Samashrami published an edited Sanskrit version in 1873.

21. Participants included Landrum Bolling, Theodor Benfey, Charles Browning and T. Canby Jones.

22. He studied languages at the University of Göttingen, where his influences included philologists Theodor Benfey and August Fick.

23. He was a supporter of Theodor Benfey’s migration theory.

24. Otto Theodor Benfey (born 31 October 1925) is a chemist and historian of science.

25. Otto Theodor Benfey was born on 31 October 1925, to Eduard Benfey and his second wife, Lotte Maria (Fleischmann) Benfey, in Berlin, Germany.