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Their skulls in a sentence

121. Their skulls superficially resemble those of large canids, but are much larger and heavier, with shorter facial portions.

122. The Sunken Place is essential to suppressing the conscious minds of the hosts while the brain tissue is implanted into their skulls.

123. Some extinct Devonian fishes have two parietal foramina in their skulls, suggesting an ancestral bilaterality of parietal eyes.

124. Their skulls have small eye orbits, long beaks (with the exception sperm whales), and eyes placed on the sides of their heads.

125. Adult males have more pronounced bony crests on the top and back of their skulls, giving their heads a more conical shape.

126. Despite their pleas for mercy, he devoured them, sucked the marrow from their bones, and threw their skulls into the river.

127. Metoposaurids are distinguished from capitosauroids by the positioning of their eye sockets near the front of their skulls.

128. When Japanese remains were repatriated from the Mariana Islands after the war, roughly 60 percent were missing their skulls.

129. Macronarians are diagnosed through their distinct characters on their skulls, as well as appendicular and vertebral characters.

130. The British ornithologist Graham S. Cowles instead found their skulls too dissimilar for them to be close relatives in 1987.

131. Their crania were well compressed, their rostrums were telescoped outward, and their skulls show proof of the origin of echolocation.

132. Supervised - Two men trapped in a laboratory, desperately fight to delay an explosive chip from going off in their skulls.

133. The British ornithologist Graham S. Cowles instead found their skulls too dissimilar for them to be close relatives in 1987.

134. In 1902 the skeletons of a woman and child with shot holes in their skulls were found on Taylors Arm Mountain in the Macleay region.

135. He then set their skulls in silver and sent them to the king together with jewelry for the queen made by the boys' eyes.

136. Researchers such as Roger Bour and Charles Crumly separated Geochelone into different genera based largely on their skulls.

137. Their skulls and teeth were identical, and the P. megalotis specimen is indistinguishable from pomona roundleaf bat individuals.

138. Most of the children had had their skulls broken with a blunt object or their tiny bodies perforated with innumerable bayonet stabs.

139. Their skulls are invariably larger than those of Eurasian brown bears and are apparently larger than those of Kamchatka brown bears.

140. Plagiosaurids are predominantly characterized by the unique structure of their skulls and the armor that lines their trunk.

141. Olivia from Sting however, managed to stay on for 4 minutes and 10 seconds, while Claw had used up all their skulls to throw.

142. Many have fused frontal and nasal bones on the top of their skulls (in other lizards, these bones are separated into pairs).

143. The U.N. reported that "entire families were shot in their houses", and video emerged of children with their skulls split open.

144. Their skulls are similar to those of hofmeyriids, and the superfamily Nanictidopoidea has been established to unite these two groups.

145. Camper claimed this was all nonsense and the forms of people's faces (and their skulls) were related to their living environments.

146. Many men from both sides of the conflict died in the battle, and their skulls were placed on sticks along the riverbank;

147. The cats had electrodes implanted onto their skulls so their neurological activity could be monitored throughout the flight.

148. Skull Lick Creek most likely was named for an incident when a party of settlers were killed by Indians who left their skulls behind.

149. All of them had had their skulls crushed, most likely by a sharp instrument, and at least two had had their legs broken.

150. Their skulls were joined into one and, although they did not share brain tissue, they did share vital arteries and nerves.