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Their skulls in a sentence

1. He built a temple to his father using their skulls.

2. Their skulls were reputedly piled in pyramids by the Mongols.

3. They would bind them as infants to shape their skulls.

4. Instead of horns, their skulls bore massive, flattened bosses;

5. Their skulls are similar to those of the Potapovka culture.

6. Their skulls are similar to those of the Catacomb culture.

7. Most of them had their skulls split.

8. Their skulls are unusual in several ways.

9. when they are fully grown, their skulls will be patched.

10. Their skulls are distinctive by having two grooves in each incisor.

11. Their skulls have been found in Alberta, Canada and Wyoming.

12. Their skulls were short, but the eye sockets were large.

13. Their skulls are 25 mm (0.98 in) long.

14. Their skulls resemble the turtles', sharing a posttemporal fenestra.

15. Their skulls were triangular and had very large eye sockets.

16. Their skulls are 17.5–17.7 mm (0.69–0.70 in) long.

17. Their skulls are delicate and extended.

18. Their skulls are 17.2–18.6 millimetres (0.68–0.73 in) long.

19. Roughly 60 percent were missing their skulls.

20. Both were killed with axes, their skulls were crushed.

21. Their skulls are fairly narrow and elongated, with small braincases.

22. He went around very fast but crashed one of their skulls.

23. Birds show a vast range of cranial kinetic hinges in their skulls.

24. their skulls are placed on top of the tomb.

25. Their skulls were reputedly piled in pyramids by the Mongols.

26. their skulls were kept by their slayers for the same reason.

27. The two groups are distinguished by the shapes of their skulls;

28. In the ceremony, humans were decapitated and their skulls preserved.

29. The other two were only represented by their skulls.

30. Their skulls have adapted to a diet of mostly seal meat and blubber.