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Their skins in a sentence

1. Their skins are generally reported to be light brown.

2. Their skins can be made from cowhide, horsehide, or deerskin.

3. Their skins are valued for their leather.

4. Raccoons and otters were the most widely hunted for their skins.

5. Their skins are used for leather.

6. Most kingsnakes have quite vibrant patterns on their skins.

7. and [I] spread their skins out on the piles."

8. They were jumping out of their skins.

9. That is, sheep are not specifically killed for their skins.

10. They shed their skins for the first time within a day or two.

11. their skins range from light brown to dark colors.

12. Their skins are red;

13. At Chamo crocodiles are exploited for their skins.

14. Like other reptiles, they shed their skins.

15. I flayed the chiefs and covered this wall with their skins.

16. Thus they grew, and their skins and hair were fair.

17. They trapped dingoes, selling their skins to the depot.

18. Then, the seeds have their skins removed by an acid treatment;

19. They shed their skins three times during their larval stage.

20. The grapes are pressed and their skins are removed immediately.

21. she also killed over 8000 seals for their skins.

22. Newcastle just played out of their skins".

23. In Grantchester their skins are white;

24. The colour of their skins condemned them."

25. They are commonly harvested for their skins.

26. Sheep, cattle and pigs are not killed for their skins.

27. People are killing animals for food and their skins.

28. Snakes castoff and renew their skins.

29. You blanch almonds to remove their skins.

30. We blanch almonds by soaking off their skins in boiling water.