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The temperature regime in a sentence

1. The temperature regime is characterized, broadly, by a temperate summer and a long and cold winter;

2. Despite its proximity to the Irish Sea, the temperature regime is similar to areas further inland, owing to the shelter provided by the Pennines to the northeast and the Welsh Mountains to the southwest.

3. These winds are of interest not only because of their effect on the temperature regime east of the peninsula but also because they force the drift of ice northeastward into the South Atlantic Ocean as the last branch of the clockwise circulation in the lower layers of the atmosphere along the coasts of the Weddell Sea.

4. Among lowland climates, the station closely resembles Nuuk in Greenland for the temperature regime.

5. The temperature regime has more in common with maritime areas on similar parallels in the Nordic countries to the west.

6. In the ocean, hydrothermal vents erupt magma and altered seawater fluids including abundant H2, depending on the temperature regime and host rock composition.

7. The temperature regime is characterized by some special features.

8. The temperature regime is maritime, with an annual average of 19.2 °C (66.6 °F), and the city receives 2,984 hours of sun annually.

9. The temperature regime and its distribution throughout Azerbaijan is regular, and depends on the features of air masses entering the country, the regional landscape, and proximity to the Caspian Sea.

10. The temperature regime may be heating, cooling at a rate of temperature change that can include stepwise temperature changes, linear rate of change, temperature modulation with a set frequency and amplitude, free (uncontrolled) heating or cooling, or maintaining a constant increase in temperature.

11. In March, 1956 he defended his Ph.D. thesis on the evaluation of melted waters of glaciers in the Lepsy River basin, calculating for the first time the regime characteristics of glaciers according to observations of the temperature regime at mountain weather stations.