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The six families in a sentence

1. The six families in the more evolutionarily advanced suborder Mesobatrachia are the fossorial Megophryidae, Pelobatidae, Pelodytidae, Scaphiopodidae and Rhinophrynidae and the obligatorily aquatic Pipidae.

2. Among Kulin Brahmins-descendants of the six families of brahmins imported from Kanauj by Ballal Sen in the 12th century-those from the Rarhi district of West Bengal were notorious in the 19th century for living off dowries by marrying several women.

3. The heads of the six families were conferred the titles of viscounts and made ministers, each heading one of the six departments of Zhou Dynasty government.

4. The six families of scenarios discussed in the IPCC's Third Assessment Report (TAR) and Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) are A1FI, A1B, A1T, A2, B1, and B2. The IPCC did not state that any of the SRES scenarios were more likely to occur than others, therefore none of the SRES scenarios represent a "best guess" of future emissions.

5. It is the largest of the six families included within the order Carangiformes.

6. Crown jellyfishes are the six families of true jellyfish that belong to the order Coronatae.

7. When Tony Stark relocated to Los Angeles after Obadiah Stane took over his company, the other Illuminati members leave him alone after Namor pointed out that Stark would never accept charity and needed this time to prove himself worthy of his membership, he encountered the Pride – the six families who controlled crime in the city, parents of the future makeshift superhero 'team' the Runaways – and learned about the Gribborim that they worshipped while establishing a new company, prompting him to contact Doctor Strange for information about the Gribborim.

8. The six families described (and, in brackets, the alternative terms used by Yuin elder Randall Mumbler) are: A Yuin's responsibilities to these beings, and their responsibilities to that Yuin, varied depending on the level of the relationship.

9. The six families are: Pteropodidae, Emballonuridae, Hipposideridae, Rhinolophidae, Vespertilionidae and Molossidae.

10. He was from the 'tribe' of Eniachin (priestly order Jachin) and did not originate from one of the six families from whom high priests had traditionally been chosen.

11. The Dragon family is the head of the six families of the west, whereas the Dog family is the head of the six families of the east.

12. It contains the six families Trichomycteridae, Nematogenyiidae, Callichthyidae, Scoloplacidae, Astroblepidae, and Loricariidae.

13. He reported that attorneys for Bell claimed that they have yet to receive any money from him, and that the six families had refused to publicly account for the donations.

14. The six families are currently grouped into three infraorders: the Boreophthalmi, Scopulophthalmi, and Sternophthalmi.

15. When it was built, the church was originally known as the Norwegian Lutheran Church, as the six families that formed the congregation were of Norwegian descent.

16. The six families, who were previously unaware that the vast majority of the food in their home was grown and produced well over 100 miles away, are now left with mostly empty cupboards and pantries.

17. Eriphioidea is a superfamily of crabs, containing the six families Dairoididae, Eriphiidae, Hypothalassiidae, Menippidae, Oziidae and Platyxanthidae.

18. All of the six families had previously won a heat, and secured a vote of confidence from the locals.

19. The six families that live there have plenty of secrets, with jealousy, betrayal, revenge, and murder behind every door.

20. Villagers had discovered the bodies when they returned to their homes after the government forces withdrew on February 18. Five women and 13 rebels from the six families were among the dead.

21. By now most of the six families had been in the district for nearly ten years.

22. The one-room school opened in 1899 to serve the six families in the surrounding area.