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The route map in a sentence

1. The route map of the people with haplogroup O2a1-M95, speaking this language can be seen in this link.

2. The route map continued to be developed and was issued in various formats and artistic styles until 1920, when, for the first time, the geographic background detail was omitted in a map designed by MacDonald Gill.

3. In the 1980s, Tunis and Tripoli joined the route map, and Alia's IBM computer center was inaugurated.

4. On one mission near the end of his tour with 35 Squadron he looked at the route map to the target and noted there would be a great deal of flak over the chosen flight path.

5. The route map kept expanding and the flow of traffic kept growing throughout the decade.

6. The reference for the route map diagram is:- Jowett, Alan (March 1989).

7. The route map of the program has been prepared, and 14,000 hours of lectures has been developed for this.

8. LED displays are installed above every alternate door (other doors show the route map), showing the name of the current station and next station in Chinese and English.

9. As shown on the route map there are a total of nine designated, maintained campgrounds on the Chilkoot Trail.

10. The station is labelled "Future Stop" on the route map;

11. For information on the stations, please refer to the list in the route map.

12. The route map of the program has been prepared, and 14,000 hours of lectures have been prepared for this.

13. According to the route map in the above referenced timetable, Lethbridge was the only international destination served by Western at this time.

14. These lines do not appear in the route map included with this article.

15. The two routes are sometimes referred to as the blue and the red route because of their colour representation on the route map.

16. This resulted in the expansion of a number of formerly quiet villages, and hence the route map changed quite dramatically.

17. Aruba and Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles as well as Montego Bay, Jamaica all appeared on the route map of the above referenced Chicago &

18. Ultimately, Gopi breaks out dairy's secret, finds the route map to Neelkanth's den, sees the end of him and protects Anand.

19. The route map shows the navigation in deep blue, (or green for the drained section), to distinguish it from the river, shown in light blue.

20. Not only was the mainline an important one but a cursory glance at the route map shows important links.

21. While the route map clearly shows this line in 1900, other sources equally unambiguously date it to the summer of 1907.

22. The fragment shows that the route map was oriented to the west.

23. These facts give us a time frame for the creation of the route map of five years between AD 230 and 235.

24. After its discovery by Cumont, the route map was soon forgotten again.

25. The British government which conducted a survey on the route map, dropped the idea considering it as not economical.

26. Ultimately, Velan breaks out dairy's secret, finds the route map to Nagalingham's den, sees the end of him and protects Raghu.

27. Simultaneously, Shekar is shifted to Nagaraju's den, anyway, Gopanna breaks out the dairy, finds the route map to the den, sees the end of Nagaraju and protects Shekar.

28. While the road map and transit map (such as the railway map, metro map, bus map, etc.) show all the roads or lines, the route map regularly shows one rad for a particular occasion.

29. The route map in the infobox shows the horse tram network in the 1900s, when they were at their maximum extent.

30. Neither man pretends the warnings in the "route map" paper are wrong.