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The lexicon in a sentence

1. Parts of the lexicon can be organized using word-bushes.

2. Recent American influence is apparent in the lexicon.

3. and the Lexicon of Photius (1808).

4. The Lexicon opened on 7 September 2017.

5. The loanwords now account for about half the lexicon.

6. The Lexicon of Love was ABC's debut album.

7. Declarative memory system is used by the lexicon.

8. Which category a noun belongs to is part of the lexicon.

9. The lexicon of a language is its vocabulary.

10. Therefore, the lexicon cannot easily be modified.

11. he tears the place apart and finds the Lexicon.

12. The Lexicon was written in response to this.

13. The Lexicon-Tirtur junction fell on Fort Matzmed.

14. The Lexicon totius latinitatis was completed in 1879.

15. A verb is entered into the lexicon in its A-form.

16. This is sometimes styled the Lexicon Messanense.

17. The Lexicon manuale græco-latinvm et latino-græcum.

18. The lexicon of Quenya is rich in proper nouns.

19. Some entries in the Lexicon are provided for context.

20. He expanded the lexicon of Draconic as needed;

21. Simply put, lexicogrammar is the grammar of the lexicon.

22. These include the Lexicon Technicum.

23. The lexicon consists of about 11,000 entries.

24. The Lexicon can be accessed on CIMM's website.

25. In 1954, a concise version of the lexicon was published.

26. The lexicon was digitized on 1 April 2011.

27. A separate note is necessary for the Lexicon library.

28. The Lexicon in Acquisition.

29. The lexicon of a language is its vocabulary.

30. Groupon" is now part of the lexicon of online shopping.