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The larvae emerge in a sentence

1. When the larvae emerge, they attach and feed primarily on small mammals and birds.

2. The larvae emerge from eggs laid on the samara and tunnel to the seeds.

3. When fully grown, the larvae emerge from the trees en masse and burrow themselves into the soil to pupate.

4. When the larvae emerge they eat the flowers' ovaries, and the plant is unable to create seeds.

5. After 7 to 10 days the larvae emerge and crawl to the base of the food plant where they pupate.

6. The larvae emerge around a week or two after eggs are laid.

7. After around 30 days, the eggs split and the larvae emerge, white with a straw-coloured head.

8. The larvae emerge free-swimming and enter the plankton, where they drift in open water for up to three months.

9. The larvae emerge from the eggs in about six to seven days.

10. The larvae emerge from these mines to moult and subsequently feed on the lower surface of the leaf.

11. When they have developed to the veliger stage, the larvae emerge from the capsule and become planktonic.

12. The larvae emerge, slide downhill, and enter the rivers.

13. Once spring arrives, the larvae emerge and begin feeding on violets.

14. The larvae emerge from diapause between late January and mid-March.

15. The larvae emerge from the anemone's mouth and tumble down the column, lodging in a fold near the pedal disc.

16. The larvae emerge from the capsules as free-swimming young or as crawling young.

17. Up to ten days later, the larvae emerge and after three to four weeks later they mature into caterpillars.

18. The larvae emerge in the soil or fall into it upon emergence.

19. They overwinter as developed eggs and then the larvae emerge in spring.

20. Cowley 1983). The larvae emerge as butterflies in the same season.

21. The larvae emerge only after the winter, at the end of April and during May.

22. The larvae emerge from the side of the egg and eat the discarded shell.

23. The larvae emerge from the mines to pupate in oval cocoons on the surface of the leaves.

24. The larvae emerge from the mine to form an oval brown cocoon on the surface of the leaves.

25. When these eggs hatch, the larvae emerge and feed on honey for growth.

26. When the eggs hatch and the larvae emerge, the larvae eat the dung and then leave.

27. After 15 to 20 days the larvae emerge, killing the parasitised caterpillar.

28. the larvae emerge to consume the host, absorbing its memories and knowledge.

29. The larvae emerge in one to three weeks.

30. The larvae emerge and leave the shield;