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The hearts in a sentence

1. He "stole the hearts of the people of Israel".

2. The Hearts Creek PO was discontinued in 1872.

3. The hearts of all men are in thy hands.

4. the hearts of both kings were interred there.

5. The hearts of all shivered with horror.

6. the Hearts, a 1950s doo-wop group.

7. The hearts find rest in Allah's remembrance!"

8. Jacob invokes lust into the hearts of his prey.

9. instead they won the hearts of the audience.

10. She has yet to make the playoffs at the Hearts.

11. Merklinger returned to the Hearts in 1998.

12. The Hearts of Oak formed its core.

13. If all of the hearts run out, the game is over.

14. He also won the Hearts Fans Player of the year.

15. the Hearts, the Heartbeats and Jesse Belvin.

16. to avoid "breaking the hearts" of Matt's fans.

17. It is enthronèd in the hearts of kings;

18. I also want to touch the hearts of people".

19. This recording captured the hearts of Israel.

20. the Hearts in 1957.

21. the Hearts and Clyde McPhatter's versions.

22. At the Hearts, the team finished a 3-8 record.

23. This wins the hearts of the masses.

24. And still reigns in the hearts of her people."

25. Generally, the hearts are coloured red.

26. space, see into the hearts &

27. Also known as The Hearts of Men.

28. lodestone of the hearts of men.

29. Distance makes the hearts grow fonder.

30. settle the hearts of the recently awoken.