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The calls in a sentence

1. I missed the calls.

2. The calls of the sexes are similar.

3. The calls were changed to KQIN.

4. The calls are a sharp and abrupt skrip.

5. The calls are high sees or sharp chips.

6. The calls include a dry rattle.

7. However, the calls remained unanswered.

8. The calls include a whining ooo-leeek.

9. by 2018, the calls grew to 602.

10. The calls aided in travel and mating.

11. also, the calls are very different.

12. The Calls is close to the River Aire.

13. The calls include high thin whistles.

14. The calls turned out to be a hoax.

15. The calls for her were endless;

16. The calls are low-pitched and croaking.

17. The function of the calls is unknown.

18. The calls are distinctive.

19. Recordings of the calls exist.

20. On 2/19/96 the calls became WERO.

21. The calls then stopped.

22. Front entrance to 42 The Calls Hotel.

23. Front entrance to 42 The Calls Hotel.

24. Calls Landing. 42 The Calls Hotel.

25. The FBI monitored the calls.

26. Wynne consistently resisted the calls.

27. The calls stood for Waco's Beat.

28. The calls included:

29. 28, 2010 under the calls of W27DH-D.

30. The EIP Component sequences the calls.