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The New Reform in a sentence

1. In 1987 Manning's son, Preston Manning, founded the new Reform Party of Canada, which soon became the main party of the religious right.

2. The Riksdag decided in 1962 that the new reform should be implemented on a voluntary basis.

3. The new reform prayer book, Mishkan T'filah, reverses Leah's and Rachel's names.

4. [2] The new reform strategy introduced Public Service Media Strategy team under Strategy and Planning Division.

5. the new reform movement was led by Trường Chinh.

6. The New Reform Party of Ontario (NRP;

7. The New Reform Party is committed to restricting its own policies and rule accordingly, were it elected to govern."

8. The new reform almost doubled the local electorate, incrementing the suffrage.

9. His support for native land claims and his earlier fishing quotas had made him one of the top targets of the new Reform Party of Canada.

10. However, the new reform deeply modifies constitutional system of Italy, while the 2001 reform just partially modified a section of the Constitution.

11. In 1866, a social revolution ended with the promulgation of the New Reform (Nova Reforma) by the Co-princes of Andorra.

12. The 1988 Conservative loss is attributed to vote splitting between the Progressive Conservatives and the new Reform party.

13. With the new "reform and opening-up" policy instituted by Deng Xiaoping, more freedom to connect with the outside world was realized.

14. The new Reform-dominated municipal council quickly set to work to correct the problems left unchecked by the old Court of Quarter Sessions.

15. He was aligned with the new Reform Party that had won the largest number of seats.

16. Patterned after the NCTM standards for mathematics, it is among the most widely used of the new reform mathematics curricula.

17. Several Samurai societies were formed in response to A Modern Utopia, and Wells met members of one of them in April 1907 at the New Reform Club.

18. Although closer to the Progressives' agenda, the new Reform Party made no immediate move to merge the two parties.

19. He criticized the disorder of the clergy, and demanded a National Council to address the demands of the new Reform.

20. The new reform enjoined perpetual abstinence, daily rising at two o'clock in the morning, and manual labour joined with study.

21. As it was, these last had obtained, at different times, Bulls or Decrees against the new Reform.

22. The new Reform synagogue was named Temple Beth-El, meaning House of God, and looked to become the center of Reform Judaism in Jersey City.

23. Rojas Tollinchi was general manager of the newspaper La Nueva Reforma (The New Reform).

24. To date February/2000 has completed the first 4 semesters of the new reform (1998) and starts the 5th May/2000.

25. The new reform became one of the most intensively evaluated policies in Europe.

26. It was only the new reform of 1831 which replaced the 1808 assemblies of Bürger (citizens) with assemblies of inhabitants.

27. These events were interpreted as "divine signs" by some priests, who urged the population to oppose the new reform laws.

28. In an ironic twist, the new reform movement was led by the former Maoist-Stalinist hardliner Trường Chinh.

29. Deputies Sam Mézec, Montfort Tadier and Geoff Southern were re-elected but none of the new Reform candidates were successful.

30. At about this time the congregation also adopted the recently published Hamburg Prayer Book, which came out of the new Reform Movement in Germany.