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The French names in a sentence

1. Over time names sometimes shifted or were added, as in double U for W ("double V" in French), the English name for Y, and American zee for Z. Comparing names in English and French gives a clear reflection of the Great Vowel Shift: A, B, C and D are pronounced /eɪ, biː, siː, diː/ in today's English, but in contemporary French they are /a, be, se, de/. The French names (from which the English names are derived) preserve the qualities of the English vowels from before the Great Vowel Shift.

2. The French names of pears grown in English medieval gardens suggest that their reputation, at the least, was French;

3. The name Ebola is a French corruption of Legbala, its name in Ngbandi which means 'white water'. During the Belgian administration these names were interchangeable along with the French names Eau Blanche and rarely L'Ébola.

4. Albert Tricomi states that "the play's humorous idealization could remain durable as long as the French names of its principal characters remained familiar to Shakespeare's audiences.

5. Thus the French names of the Voeren municipality and villages will no longer be used on place-name signs, traffic signs and by municipality and other governments in official documents.

6. Esclaves remains incorporated in the French names of these geographical features, since the French traded with the Cree before the English did.

7. This conflict was also called La guerre de deux Jeanne, after the French names of the two duchesses in competition: Jeanne de Penthièvre and Jeanne de Flanders, wife of John of Montfort.

8. Scott-Moncrieff translates the French names of Italian characters in the original to Italian equivalents.

9. The translation by Margaret Mauldon (Oxford University Press, 1997) retains the French names.

10. Because they switched hands quite often, the French names are listed as well as any applicable German ones.

11. While the majority of these couples were not formally married, the offspring that they produced often carried the French names of their fathers.

12. These wares were initially grouped under the French names of famille verte ("green family"), and famille rose (pink family) introduced by Albert Jacquemart in 1862.

13. This type of lace takes its name from the fact that its ground mesh is very loose.At one time, the French names of bobbin and needle laces were preceded by the word "point."

14. In the process all the French names of streets were replaced by Calgary's street numbering system.

15. the Spanish dub, which was based on the French version, used the French names for Nami and Eri, although You was renamed Juana and Sho became Sergio (the Spanish versions of the characters' respective French names), as was in other European versions, the names in Portuguese version were changed too, You is Joana Hazuki and Sho is Sérgio, Nami Hayase's name is changed to Nádia.

16. The name is formed from the first letters of the French names for Friday (Vendredi), Saturday (Samedi) and Sunday (Dimanche).

17. The names of the Gregorian months in Algeria and Tunisia are based on the French names of the months, reflecting France's long colonisation of these countries (1830–1962 in Algeria;

18. Toward the middle of the nineteenth century the American musician Lowell Mason (affectionately named the "Father of Music Education") adapted the French Time-Names system for use in the United States, and instead of using the French names of the notes, he replaced these with a system that identified the value of each note within a meter and the measure.

19. Yeo-Thomas and Hessel adopted the French names of Maurice Choquet and Michel Boitel later that month.

20. The menu of La Grenouille is essentially entirely "haute French cuisine," with customer menus presenting the French names of classic and more modern dishes, followed by the English, and an English description.

21. On the basis of the French names of these colours, orange-blanc-bleu, the flag is also referred to by the Dutch rhymes oranje-blanje-bleu and ranje-blanje-bleu.

22. This contrasts with the French names of Gilbert, and his son and grandsons named William.

23. This list of French exonyms for Dutch toponyms shows the French names of cities and villages in the Netherlands (French: les Pays-Bas) used by the French and francophones living outside France.

24. She took them on motor trips to the country, asking them to give the French names of the things they saw.

25. The names of the days are equal to the general calendar (the French names are mostly used), except for the 29th (the imaginary day), which name is Hunyadi.

26. Perlimpinpin is one of the French names under which Rumpelstiltskin is known.

27. Other names, such as Cunaris Sound or Puysegur Point (in neighbouring Preservation Inlet) have been adapted from the French names from this expedition.