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The Andorran in a sentence

1. The Andorran toponymy shows evidence of Basque language in the area.

2. The ban resulted in an economic conflict for the Andorran people.

3. The 5 April 1933 Joves Andorrans seized the Andorran Parliament.

4. Francoist troops reached the Andorran border in the later stages of the war.

5. The Andorran government encourages the use of Catalan.

6. The map service of the Andorran government calls it the Gran Valira.

7. ORTA was funded by the Andorran government.

8. She announced the Andorran votes for RTVA at the Eurovision 2007 final.

9. The midfielder never made an appearance for the Andorran squad.

10. The Andorran Workers' Union is a Trade union in the Principality of Andorra.

11. The selection of the Andorran Eurovision entry took place over two rounds.

12. He was previously in charge of the Andorran national team.

13. The Andorran delegation consisted of three alpine skiers;

14. The Andorran delegation to Salt Lake City consisted of three alpine skiers;

15. Many people of the Andorran public consequently marched.

16. In the 2006–07 season they finished 3rd in the Andorran 2nd division.

17. The selection of the Andorran Eurovision entry took place over two rounds.

18. He currently plays for Santa Coloma and the Andorran national football team.

19. For several years, Ruiz worked as manager of the Andorran under-21s.

20. The General Syndic is the speaker of the Andorran parliament.

21. Now these murals are in the Andorran Government Exhibition Hall.

22. The Andorran team consisted of 4 athletes competing in 3 sports.

23. The Andorran team consisted of six athletes in three sports.

24. Both USdA and SAT demands a reform of the Andorran Trade Union Law.

25. He promoted with the Andorran team to the top tier, the ACB League in 2014.

26. The Andorran film industry produced one feature film in 2014.

27. The Andorran Ambassador has his residence in Lisbon.

28. Her works are kept in the Andorran National Library.

29. She has placed twice in the Andorran National Literary Contest;

30. In 2007 she was the director of the Andorran business federation.