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Thanatos in a sentence

1. His brother is Thanatos ("Death").

2. instinctual self-preservation) and "Thanatos" (death;

3. "Thanatos" was introduced in this context by Paul Federn.

4. Euripides, in Alcestis: "Thanatos: Much talk.

5. The end is an ultimate mix of eros and thanatos.

6. the other a super-villain named Thanatos.

7. Thanatos is a Dutch extreme metal band.

8. Thanatos had reportedly already wrestled with Heracles.

9. Eros Thanatos. The Dying Gaul Heracles fighting.

10. he conceives of Thanatos as simply indifferent.

11. Thanatos by Italian band Syndone.

12. Thanatos polacco.

13. After defeating Thanatos, Seiya encounters Hades.

14. Thanatos, the god of death, was said to wear dark robes.

15. Thanatos is the personification of death.

16. Examples include the Thanatos and Nova Cat.

17. "bad, difficult" + θάνατος, thanatos;

18. Thanatos is the Ancient Greek personification of death.

19. Thanatos may also refer to:

20. - as Thanatos. - as ThanatoSchizO.

21. Thanatos: The antagonist.

22. "bad, difficult" + θάνατος, thanatos;

23. Some of the crew are suspicious of the Thanatos.

24. Thanatos was critically acclaimed.

25. Nebulosa thanatos is a moth of the family Notodontidae.

26. it is Thanatos, an inclination to death: "I am Happy.

27. Thanatos prize for The Grotto.

28. The Theta signified Thanatos, the Greek deity of death.

29. Podalia thanatos is a moth of the Megalopygidae family.

30. La levatrice di Thanatos, Dino Audino editore, 1995.