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No. sentence
1 of the two countries claimed the territory.
2 COMPARED with the flotilla of oil and gas platforms in the North Sea, the waters west of the Shetland Islands are virgin territory.
3 The government, having forced her ancestors in 1838 along the Trail of Tears from eastern Tennessee to Indian Territory, now promised them a better life even farther west.
4 The camp is on a slice of Cuban territory, leased by the American government.
5 The western part of the island of New Guinea was once a Dutch colony, but has been Indonesian territory since a highly contested 1969 plebiscite known as the "Act of Free Choice."
6 The draconian treaty tore away a quarter of Russia’s population and industry, and vast swathes of Russian-ruled territory: Poland, the Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine, Crimea, Bessarabia and Finland.
7 October 22, 2008 — Paintings of sailboats, ocean liners, and biplanes adorn newfound rock shelters in the remote Aboriginal territory of Arnhem Land in northern Australia.
8 The bottles were being stored in a warehouse in an area of the territory that abuts mainland China.
9 This is new territory for the European project.
10 Part of what's made Game of Thrones so impactful in the landscape of modern TV has been the way it's blazed brand new territory for fantasy epics.
11 Along one side a scruffy fence lent drunkenly one way then the other, while a brutally straight line of six-foot high boards marked the other side of the territory.
12 Originally from the eastern U.S., barred owls invaded spotted owl territory in Washington state decades ago and, Merkle says, they've moved down the coast ever since.
13 A couple call at another bird that has invaded their territory. Nests, built of mud, moss, and grass, may be refurbished and reused in subsequent years.
14 Via satellite dishes and the Internet, the West meant something to them other than guns and territory: culture was a potential bond, they suggested, through which some dialogue might yet arise.
15 I was entering a territory I'd long scorned and derided.
16 China's long history, vast territory and extensive contact with other nations and cultures have given birth to the distinctive Chinese culinary art.
17 Britain was not the first to outlaw the slave trade in its territory; the Danes had done so in 1803, the French temporarily in 1794 and several northern American states had also done so before 1807.
18 President Thomas Jefferson negotiated the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France, doubling the size of the United States.
19 Even though we do counsel restraint on the Georgians, they are the vulnerable party and it is their territory that is under threat, " he said.
20 However, as the war in 2008 between Russia and Georgia over the breakaway territory of South Ossetia showed, ice can melt quickly.
21 first half of 2009 was fertile territory for investment bankers as markets rebounded and companies (not least Banks themselves) rushed to raise debt and equity.
22 But by the time Babur was born, in 1483, the empires had crumbled and the emperors' descendants had multiplied into a horde of princelings fighting for loot and territory.
23 The Italians colonized the territory with their soldiers and shopkeepers and poor farmers; they built roads and a railway, and erected statues, plazas, and cathedrals.
24 Allied to this is a tendency in peacemaking for America to defer to Israel's ideas "because its ally is the one that has to make the tangible concessions of territory".
25 Flying over enemy territory with a camera on autoshoot, pigeons could provide crucial information without getting lost along the way.
26 Libya's opposition said its fighters are executing a "tactical withdrawal" from a swath of territory they once controlled, a move that comes as Gadhafi's forces relentlessly pound them.
27 They can join another small group but have to be careful as approaching one's territory can be fatal.
28 then analyzed where Burmese pythons would be comfortable, based on their home territory, from Pakistan to Indonesia.
29 Russia and Italy on Friday signed an agreement that will allow military material destined for Italian troops deployed in Afghanistan to transit Russian territory.
30 Some of the airwaves earmarked for 3g are also now occupied by India's armed forces, who, like all good military men, are reluctant to cede the territory they hold.