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Tennis magazine in a sentence

1. In 2005, Tennis magazine put her in 22nd place in its list of 40 Greatest Players of the Tennis era.

2. the US Open tournament for Tennis magazine;

3. In 2005 Tennis Magazine ranked her as the 25th-best player in 40 years.

4. Tennis magazine ranked Becker the 11th best male player of the period 1965–2005.

5. She contributes to Tennis magazine, of which she is also publisher.

6. She also wrote for Australian Tennis Magazine in 2014.

7. Tennis magazine rated him the 10th best male player of the period 1965–2005.

8. In 2005, TENNIS magazine ranked Smith as 35th in its "40 Greatest Players of the TENNIS Era".

9. As a pro, American Lawn Tennis Magazine ranked Kinsey as World No. 6 in 1930.

10. Australian Tennis magazine invited readers to suggest a nickname for the Davis Cup team in 1996.

11. M.S.'71, Ph.D.'79 UCLA (Clinical Psychology) Contributing Editor, Tennis Magazine, 1976–present.

12. Tennis magazine called him "the Tilden of his country".

13. He is a former editor of Tennis Magazine.

14. It was owned by Golf Digest / Tennis Magazine and sold to the New York Times Company.

15. currently writes articles for Ukrainian Tennis Magazine.

16. From 1994 to 1996, Golden was Executive Vice President and Publisher at Tennis magazine.

17. She joined the Times Company in June 1983 as an account executive at Tennis magazine.

18. She was the founder of World Tennis magazine;

19. currently writes articles for Ukrainian Tennis Magazine.

20. Tennis Magazine proclaimed the match the best women's singles match of 2008.

21. In 1969, she became advertising manager for World Tennis magazine.

22. She then free-lanced for a fabric manufacturer, and wrote columns for Tennis magazine.

23. As a pro, Plaa was ranked as high as World No. 8 by American Lawn Tennis Magazine.

24. In 1986, she was also named Tennis magazine's Comeback Player of the Year.

25. Collins on Heldman and World Tennis magazine.

26. In 2000, Schwartz was named the 15th Most Influential Person in Tennis by Tennis Magazine.

27. In 2005, Tennis Magazine ranked her as the 17th-best player in 40 years.

28. and Sarah Silverman as Gladys Heldman, the founder of World Tennis magazine.

29. She previously did some collaborations in a tennis magazine.

30. She has been a contributor to Inside Tennis magazine.