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1 British environmental activist will be a guest speaker at an International Taoism Forum on October 23-25 at Heng Shan in China's Hunan province, a Taoist sacred site since the han dynasty.
2 skeleton. Killing banshee, bent demon exorcism Taoist, a demon between man and the concubine battle staged.
3 Wouldn't you have to be something of a devout Taoist yourself, or a wildly optimistic and credulous climate warrior in order to believe that such a meeting could amount to much?
4 In the most recent census in 2000, 43 percent of Singaporeans said they were Buddhist, 15 percent Muslim, 15 percent Christian, 8.5 percent Taoist and 4 percent Hindu.
5 In the Ming dynasty, a Taoist and the emperor said QiNianDian orientation is bad, go against countries, so is here put the symbol of big dipper seven stones.
6 Zhejiang an Fusi Services Officer, rank over, lifting Taizhou worship Taoist.
7 Taoist ways of dropping out from the chain of karma are discussed, as they were recorded in Big Sur, California, during the mid-sixties.
8 is the highest principle of Taoist philosophy of government.
9 Fushi Pigu" is the important practice method of Taoist priests expecting longevity, and it tallies with the thought of modern medicine about controlling diet scientifically.
10 Taoist mysticism and health care thought immortal idea formed the core of faith.
11 Also has a north slope Taoist priest, raised a good goose, Wang Xizhi went to watch, was very at heart happy, the firm request buys these geese to go.
12 The ritual, a mixture of Confucian and Taoist customs, is meant to ease a spirit's passage through the underworld.
13 Exempting from poll taxation was a kind of tax policy that prevailed only in middle period of Southern Song Dynasty, and levied tax on Buddhist monks and Taoist priests.
14 Pang Tong said, "My Taoist name is Young Phoenix. That name bodes no good."
15 Position is Confucianism works assimilating the thought of Law school and Taoist school rather than"undoubtedly fall into the Law school of Qi".
16 Purple Star astrology is a traditional Taoist Chinese divination system.
17 also creating numerous Taoist immortals like, the beauty of its form, of the sperm, is Shengongguifu, absolutely beautiful, many were classified as a national heritage and fine arts.
18 The Stoic philosophy was primarily concerned with living in accordance with both one's own nature and universal nature, perhaps best understood in the sense meant by Taoist philosophers of the East.
19 Chinese ancient visceral altas . or anatomical illustratons were derived from Taoist and medical Schools through observation in cadavers.
20 couplets and inscribed boards in the ancient buildings of the Wudang mountains are not only the essential part of the buildings but also windows of the Taoist culture.
21 Zhuangzi, also known as The Holy Canon of Nanhua, is a Taoist classic written by the Warring States period philosopher Zhuangzi and his student.
22 Even if in some commentaries of Taoist scriptures, they also didn't emphasis the principle that "one" is De, and leave it that the "one" transform to numerous words as finality.
23 Both the controlling Confucian school and Legalists and the Taoist school that influence Chinese traditional culture a lot pursued an ideal of non-litigation.
24 In fact, Kissinger should have practised the Taoist concept of wu wei and done nothing.
25 Perhaps this fact was well-observed thousands of years ago when meditating monks and Taoist practitioners included a gentle smile as part of their meditation routine.
26 The Prince must have heard it from somewhere, from some Taoist source, because this is one of their keys.
27 Taoist of Laoshan Mountain".
28 Taiping Jing not only records the earliest Taoist musical theories of our ancient country, but also attaches importance to the relation of music and health.
29 True, be seen abduction jianghu Taoist, but… They are really just like this?
30 Both Chinese landscape painting and Taoist philosophy are said to have drawn early inspiration from the mountain's stunning natural features.