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T4 in a sentence

1. T3 and T4 can be measured directly.

2. T4 or T-4 may refer to:

3. Stage T4 esophageal cancer.

4. Stage T4 pancreatic cancer.

5. Illawarra Line or T4 line.

6. Illawarra Line or T4 line.

7. Best at this time (T4 for Two).

8. T4: Total thyroxine;

9. Stage T4 nasopharyngeal cancer.

10. T4, and bus lines.

11. Toyota Lexcen (T4) CSi sedan.

12. Toyota Lexcen (T4) CSi sedan.

13. Toyota Lexcen (T4) CSi wagon.

14. line T4 opened in 2009;

15. The T4 is a hybrid line.

16. herniated T3, T4, T8 and T9 discs;

17. A Troller T4 Jeep.

18. phage-T4 UV endonuclease;

19. and the T4 &

20. Aktion T4

21. thyroxine (T4), a hormone.

22. Tatra T4 tram, June 1993.

23. She began presenting T4 in 2009.

24. The T4-T5 are orange or yellow.

25. Western, T4 Eastern Suburbs &

26. The highway ends on the T4 at Uulu.

27. To the south is the T4 Highway.

28. Volvo V40 T4 R-Design.

29. Volvo V60 T4 R-Design.

30. T4 - is the truck category.