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No. sentence
1 Turkey has eight European and Asian countries as neighbours: Bulgaria and Greece on the west; Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan on the northeast; Iran on the east; and Iraq and Syria on the south.
2 The International Atomic Energy Agency voted to rebuke Syria on claims of an undeclared nuclear reactor in the country's remote northeast.
3 Reports from Syria suggest the armed forces have surrounded an eastern town after defections from the army.
4 Yet many Moroccans have been frightened by the attempted regime change in Libya and Syria.
5 Syria, however, should if possible be drawn into the talks.
6 It abuts Iraq, Syria, Iran and the Caucasus; it has a big army (the second-biggest in NATO); in an era of energy insecurity its network of oil and gas pipelines is increasingly important.
7 Most of them have, so far, suffered far more severe symptoms, from Libya's civil war to the vicious oppression seen in Syria and Yemen, to the acrimonious muddle of Egypt.
8 Despite repeated denials from Syria that it would be willing to dump its "axis of evil" Allies, diplomats say plenty of levers could be used to prompt such a move.
9 While Arafat had patiently continued the peace process, Lebanon and Syria had benefited by taking a hard line.
10 Abroad you are just a small part of the country, while in Syria you can be a big fish in a small pond,” says a businessman who spent 20 years in America.
11 Palmyra was in the ancient times an important city of central Syria.
12 They said they feared Syria would feel greater pressure to retaliate against Israel for the bombing if U.S. intelligence about the facility had been made public.
13 By ruling with utter ruthlessness, he kept the peace in Syria for three decades.
14 Then there are the ruins of Dura-Europos, a Parthian caravan center founded in 300 B.C., halfway between Syria and Mesopotamia and known as the "Pompeii of the East."
15 Many Lebanese said Syria plotted a rash of bombings in their country between 2005 and 2008, to perpetuate its influence after the forced withdrawal of its troops in 2005.
16 Speaking at the weekly Cabinet meeting, Mr. Olmert said he would urge Russia not to sell sophisticated weapons to Iran and Syria.
17 They also considered Syria to be no threat to Israel. They weren't at peace but were not at war either.
18 There is no evidence of receipt from Egypt or Syria, and some historians claim that they may have never received the offer.
19 He says millions of Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan, as well as millions of Iraqis displaced in their own country continue to need food, water, shelter and other basic relief.
20 In his testimony Tuesday, Deputy U.N. refugee commissioner Johnstone said Jordan and Syria have shouldered most of the Iraqi refugee burden, and should be thanked for their generosity.
21 As we pursue this goal, we will also pursue peace between Israel and Lebanon, Israel and Syria, and a broader peace between Israel and its many neighbors.
22 But it looks as if you are turning Bahrain into another Syria or Iran.
23 FEBRUARY 27th Condoleezza Rice, the secretary of state, announced that America will talk to Iran and Syria about Iraq.
24 In sum, Syria is a regional snake-pit in which few neighbours-or outsiders from farther afield-would be wise to dangle their toes.
25 TV showed tragedy in Syria, and everyone watched and worried, and then Qaddafi came onscreen, and the Carthage exploded with laughter.
26 Similar things have happened in Turkey, Spain, France, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Syria, he argues, and all of these countries are reputedly safe places.
27 There have been complaints, however, in other far-flung electoral districts such as the West Bekaa, bordering Syria.
28 If the West deems it right to bomb Libya in an effort to force the murderous Muammar Qaddafi from power, why not do the same to Syria?
29 Syria is a hub of influence by virtue of its geography, history and the canniness—plainly on the wane—of its leaders.
30 Syria, unlike Libya, is a hub of the Arab world.