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Strong performances in a sentence

1. The system has put in strong performances in real-world exercises.

2. Supporting actors Miller and Rey were singled out for their strong performances.

3. They recovered to post a series of strong performances in Lillehammer in 1994.

4. The year also saw Marshall put in a number of strong performances.

5. Mason has had consistently strong performances in international competitions.

6. Despite these strong performances Worrincy was dropped into the Academy.

7. Despite his strong performances, #98 is the highest number he has ever worn.

8. This tournament saw strong performances from Serbian players.

9. The series was critically acclaimed for its strong performances and story line.

10. His strong performances in the NAB Cup reflected that increase in fitness.

11. His strong performances earned him NFC Defensive Player of the Month.

12. Due to his strong performances, he was named Best Player of the Year in Poland.

13. Boone continued with strong performances in 2009.

14. After playing three strong performances in the Toyota Cup.

15. L.A. Splash wrote that the cast gave strong performances.

16. On 3 June 2010 his strong performances were rewarded with a one-year contract.

17. Walker started his 2012 season with several strong performances.

18. After some strong performances he was offered a place in the Queensland Academy.

19. In Game 3, the Celtics got strong performances from Rondo, Garnett, and Pierce.

20. IU lost to Kentucky despite strong performances by Randy Wittman and Uwe Blab.

21. He turned in strong performances, particularly at the set piece.

22. Yet, the team has shown strong performances at the regional level.

23. However, he lauded Benanti, Borle and McDonald's "strong" performances.

24. His strong performances saw him selected for the season's All-Australian team.

25. Several have been recognized as particularly strong performances.

26. The month of April brought several strong performances for Cruz.

27. He started the 2014 season off with three strong performances.

28. Both FaZe and Cloud9 had strong performances in the semifinals.

29. The casting is commended, with many strong performances.

30. Theo Walcott praises Nicklas Bendtner for a number of strong performances.