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Stoics in a sentence

61. The Stoics developed many basic notions that today are the rudiments of linguistics.

62. Some of the most famous pantheists are the Stoics, Giordano Bruno and Spinoza.

63. Roman political philosophy was influenced by the Stoics and the Roman statesman Cicero.

64. The Stoics conceived truth as accessible from impressions via cognitive grasping.

65. The Stoics studied phonetics, grammar and etymology as separate levels of study.

66. They also supported the Move on their Scottish tour with The Stoics in the same year.

67. The Stoics make a radical claim that the eudaimon life is the morally virtuous life.

68. He attached himself to the Academy, which had suffered from the attacks of the Stoics;

69. but he also studied at the same time the philosophy of the Stoics and Peripatetics.

70. He tended toward eclecticism, attempting to reconcile the Stoics with Aristotle.

71. According to the Stoics, apatheia was the quality that characterized the sage.

72. The Stoics propounded that knowledge can be attained through the use of reason.

73. The Stoics developed the theory even more and applied it to the functions of the body.

74. Despite this, the Stoics regarded sages as the only virtuous and happy humans.

75. The pneuma of the Stoics is the primitive substance which existed before the universe.

76. The Stoics attempted to incorporate traditional polytheism into their philosophy.

77. The highest and only good of the Stoics is presented as a moral good (virtue).

78. The time frame of destruction was never defined or given by any of the Stoics.

79. Ekpyrosis itself however, was not a universally accepted theory by all Stoics.

80. In the book McGeehan draws upon the ancient Stoics for advancing political freedom.

81. In retirement, he published works on Menander, the Stoics, and Greco-Roman theatre.

82. he defended Platonism with religious fervor against the Stoics and Epicureans.

83. They were held in high regard by the later Stoics Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius.

84. The Stoics used the word to discuss generic emotions such as anger, fear and joy.

85. However the Stoics were often talking straightforwardly about common emotions.

86. Thus the Stoics were the first philosophers to identify all emotions with judgements.

87. The Stoics saw passions as a type of illness, so the medical analogy is deliberate.

88. Such elements included the classical philosophers Plato, Philo and Greek Stoics.

89. He also showed a particular affinity for the philosophical school of the Stoics.

90. But only about a third of the stoics fell, despite their higher physical risk.