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Stoics in a sentence

31. This was where his opposition to the Stoics became most prevalent.

32. The Stoics, especially Chrysippus, began the development of predicate logic.

33. The Stoics, especially Chrysippus, began the development of predicate logic.

34. He followed not only the older Stoics, but also Plato and Aristotle.

35. He gives only a little attention to the physical doctrines of the Stoics;

36. Zeno of Citium and the other Stoics were the chief opponents of Arcesilaus.

37. According to the Stoics, virtue is necessary and sufficient for eudaimonia.

38. Ultimately, though, Antigonus became most associated with the Stoics.

39. The Stoics took all activity to imply a logos or spiritual principle.

40. The Stoics believed it to be the only vital force in the universe.

41. are, in such cases, much better instructors than Zeno" and the Stoics.

42. Tacitus condemns the suicide of the Stoics as of no benefit to the state.

43. From influence of the Cynics, the Stoics drew inspiration from Simon as well.

44. Plato and the Stoics had made perfection a philosophical watchword.

45. According to the Stoics, this will remove the sting from the insult.

46. but there was also a fashion for allegory, especially among the Stoics.

47. The Stoics produced the first condemnation of slavery recorded in history.

48. In Book 2, Balbus gives the Stoics' position on the subject of the gods.

49. Domitian sees the ghosts of the two Stoics Rusticus and Sura in his sleep;

50. Clement of Alexandria was also influenced by Plato and the Stoics.

51. For the Stoics, however, quality refers to white, but not whiteness;

52. Plotinus criticized both Aristotle's Categories and those of the Stoics.

53. He was influenced by Émile Benveniste, Gustave Guillaume, and the Stoics.

54. He tended to eclecticism and sought to reconcile the Stoics with Aristotle.

55. the professor was killed using the Stoics' means, something called a bullet.

56. Of particular interest are Xenophanes, the Academic Skeptics, and the Stoics.

57. Thus, "we [the Modern Stoics] must face the lushness, diversity and – yes!

58. Galen himself states that the Stoics of his day followed Chrysippus.

59. The Stoics held that some phantasiai receive assent and some do not.

60. To seek to extinguish anger utterly, is but a bravery of the stoics.