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Stoics in a sentence

1. The Stoics were interested in Heraclitus' treatment of fire.

2. The other great school of Greek logic is that of the Stoics.

3. and the head of the Stoics, Diogenes of Babylon.

4. The Stoics held that no one was a slave by nature;

5. His ethical teachings approached that of the Cynics and Stoics.

6. The Second World War saw 270 Old Stoics killed in active service.

7. and to the Stoics.

8. It is clear that he was eminent amongst the Stoics of the period.

9. The Stoics also subdivided the good-feelings:

10. Like the Stoics he conceived of it as an intelligent being.

11. similar views were held by Stoics.

12. For the Stoics, "knowledge of how God should be worshiped".

13. a Senator and Epicurean, and Balbus supporter of the Stoics.

14. The Stoics gave it one (Gilson, p. 84).

15. The Stoics did not seek to extinguish emotions;

16. studies in ethics- Stoics, Thomas Aquinas, Kant;

17. To the Stoics nothing passes unexplained;

18. here the Stoics agreed with the Epicureans.

19. The earlier Stoics made right reason the standard of truth.

20. Among the contestants were Aristotle and the early Stoics.

21. Stoics believe that "virtue is sufficient for happiness".

22. The Stoics therefore spent their time trying to attain virtue.

23. Barkley was his partner during the previous Stoics case.

24. while other Stoics declared as many as twelve parts in the soul.

25. 5. The Stoics (ed.) (University of California Press, 1978).

26. the Stoics produced the first recorded condemnation of slavery.

27. "Modern Stoics," he concludes, "ought to be Stoics."

28. both men were prominent Stoics and both were sentenced to exile.

29. According to the Stoics, doxa is a weak or false belief.

30. They are the Stoics.