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Stephen A. Douglas in a sentence

1. Northern Democratic candidates: Senator Stephen A. Douglas from Illinois.

2. In 1860 he was a supporter of Stephen A. Douglas for President.

3. The community was named for Senator Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois.

4. Stephen A. Douglas in the Celebrated Campaign of 1858, in Illinois.

5. The Democratic Party convention nominated Stephen A. Douglas.

6. He backed Stephen A. Douglas for president in 1860.

7. The remaining Democrats nominated Stephen A. Douglas for the presidency.

8. He was a co-author with Stephen A. Douglas of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854.

9. He was an important ally to Illinois Senator Stephen A. Douglas.

10. The Rivalry, in which he played Stephen A. Douglas.

11. Past exhibits have dealt with the Civil War and Stephen A. Douglas.

12. His father Daniel P. Rhodes was a Democrat and a friend of Stephen A. Douglas.

13. Zulick also campaigned for Stephen A. Douglas in the 1860 presidential election.

14. Stephen A. Douglas and David Davis debated Congressional elections here in 1840.

15. Media related to Stephen A. Douglas Tomb at Wikimedia Commons.

16. The wife of Stephen A. Douglas, Adele Cutts Douglas was a client.

17. Stephen A. Douglas;

18. Missouri was won by Democratic candidate, Stephen A. Douglas.

19. Stephen A. Douglas (1813-1861) was an American politician.

20. He also authored biographies of Salmon P. Chase and Stephen A. Douglas.

21. In 1860 Haynie was a presidential elector who voted for Stephen A. Douglas.

22. Stephen A. Douglas was the nominee and lost to Abraham Lincoln.

23. – since Stephen A. Douglas in 1860.

24. Storey had supported Stephen A. Douglas in the 1860 presidential election.

25. Cutts' sister Adele was the second wife of US Senator Stephen A. Douglas.

26. On June 10, he was freed by Judge Stephen A. Douglas.

27. In 1860, Dougherty favored Stephen A. Douglas's candidacy for the presidency.

28. It is named for Stephen A. Douglas.

29. In 1858, he launched a challenge to Democratic Senator Stephen A. Douglas.

30. A lifelong Democrat, Reddick supported incumbent senator Stephen A. Douglas.