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St. Gabriel in a sentence

1. St. Gabriel the Archangel, Saddle River;

2. St. Gabriel's School opened in 1965;

3. St Gabriel's, 1884;

4. St Gabriel's Church, Warwick Square, Sanctuary.

5. and St Gabriel's, Erskine Street (1869).

6. St. Gabriel's Parish Church in 2006.

7. St Gabriel (Bănulescu-Bodoni).

8. St. Gabriel, Athabasca, Alberta.

9. Wentworth, St Gabriel;

10. St Gabriel's serves a population of over 6,000.

11. It is managed by St. Gabriel's Educational Society.

12. (St Gabriel's, Pimlico)

13. Reproductive Biology and Sugar in St. Gabriel;

14. Renamed St Gabriel under the Vichy flag.

15. St Gabriel, Ringland.

16. He was then Vicar of St Gabriel, Bishopwearmouth.

17. St. Gabriel's RC Primary School may refer to:

18. St. Gabriel Radio Inc.

19. St Gabriel, South Harting.

20. St. Gabriel's was designed by Lavender &

21. It is also known as St Gabriel's Convent.

22. St. Gabriel's Sr. Sec.

23. St. Gabriel’s Sr. Sec.

24. St. Gabriel's Sr. Sec.

25. Rozario attended St. Gabriel's Primary School.

26. 38) Nallila St.Gabriel Orthodox Church.

27. He enrolled at École secondaire St-Gabriel.

28. It is now the home of St Gabriel's School.

29. St. Gabriel's School in Milford opened in 1965;

30. In 1997, the Church of St. Gabriel was restored.