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Spanish Republicanism in a sentence

1. In the capital city there was a smuggling black market network of propaganda, culture and cinematic art not prone to totalitarian regimes, promulgated in some places as the Hotel Mirador or the Casino Hotel, as a meeting place for people of ideologies close to Andorran and Spanish Republicanism, and Free France.

2. During the final decade of the Restoration, the Radical Republicans continued to possess a modest parliamentary representation, with Lerroux enjoying a certain prestige as the chief figure of Spanish republicanism.

3. The roots of Spanish republicanism arose out of liberal thought in the wake of the French Revolution.

4. Ferrer had been a longtime radical for Spanish republicanism but moved towards anarchist circles during his time in Paris, where he read ravenously about education.

5. Her views were based on Spanish Republicanism, feminism and Freemasonry ideologies.