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No. sentence
1 If Mandarin - or Spanish, or Arabic - is to replace English as the world's lingua franca, children in San Paulo, st Petersburg and Auckland had better start learning it now.
2 castell, is a longstanding tradition at festivals in Catalonia and such an important one that it was featured in the Spanish exhibit at the 2010 Shanghai Expo.
3 him to 51 goals in all competitions this season, one behind Messi's Spanish record, while Real have now netted 94 times to Barca's 92 in La Liga.
4 The Italian sparrow, they argue, is a cross between the ubiquitous house sparrow and the Spanish sparrow.
5 The study, carried out by Italian and Spanish researchers, showed that strawberries boost red blood cells' response to oxidative stress, an imbalance that is associated with various diseases.
6 I put down my magazine to look between seats for the Spanish speaker.
7 Add garlic and thyme saute for1minute and sprinkle with some Spanish paprika.
8 SPANISH matadors kill bulls in the ring; the Portuguese put them down after the fight.
9 all of the countries were attracting large inflows of foreign capital, largely because markets believed that membership in the euro zone made Greek, Portuguese and Spanish bonds safe investments.
10 he also learned Spanish and Portuguese as a hobby.
11 before the start of the silk-and-silver trade across the Pacific, Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors were sailing the Atlantic in search of precious metals.
12 When the Spanish explorers went to Mexico, they saw the Aztec Kings using umbrellas.
13 When Spanish explorers first entered the area now known as Hollywood, Native Americans were living in the canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains.
14 When Spanish explorers reached South America in the early 16th century, they heard stories about a tribe of natives high in the Andes mountains in what is now Colombia.
15 I also heated a sample of the Spanish oil more gently, to 300 degrees, to see whether it might retain more olive flavor.
16 Since 1952 "the Actor," a rare Rose Period Picasso, has hung prominently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, along with other examples of early paintings by this Spanish master.
17 So when Italian and Spanish bond yields jumped up again (see chart right) there was only one institution with the capacity to act: the ECB.
18 A potential employer might not get to find out that the engineering student scored top marks in an optional course in Spanish or excelled in a particular aspect of the course.
19 Other times they were hung by either the quartermaster or when they were captured by the Spanish or other enemy.
20 The author explains how and why Spanish and English have mixed with each other in the United States to create a hybrid language, increasingly used not only in spoken but also in written form.
21 Those annoying jellyfish on the Spanish holiday beaches may be sending us a message, or at least a warning.
22 The attack came a day after a car bomb at a police barracks in the northern Spanish city of Burgos injured more than 60 people.
23 he did not come she believed herself spurned; in fact, he lay in his barracks, quarantined and dying from Spanish flu-the same disease that killed the young woman days later.
24 Members of the group were born deaf and never learned Spanish or a formal sign language, but they have developed a gesture system to communicate with people around them.
25 Spanish state borrowing costs earlier leaped to the dangerously high level of 6.7%.
26 I do this by thinking of sentences in English and then writing the equivalent in Spanish.
27 It was named after the village of Almendra (which means Almond in Spanish) but, as with many of life's little ironies, it interrupted the course of the river five kilometers away from the village.
28 You can also expect plenty of olive oil, mushrooms, and seafood like scallop, shrimps, squid and mussels, paired with good Spanish wines.
29 So they're starting to look different from the birds that go south. Their beaks are longer and narrower, less suited to supping on Spanish olives.
30 In languages that have negative concord, such as Spanish, Polish and Hungarian, the double negative intensifies the negation.