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No. sentence
1 the latest move, Qatar has banned the import of all vegetables from Germany and Spain.
2 It is over now, but the commentary is still on television, the jubilant scenes of a bouncing Spain smothered in confetti are still beaming around the world.
3 Even if Spain descends into crisis, I think the damage would be limited to specific European banks with big holdings of sovereign debt from crisis countries.
4 This island was ceded to Spain more than one hundred years ago.
5 This includes our closest Allies - nations like the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey - all of whom have fought by our sides for decades.
6 He would have either to open proceedings against the accused or tackle an extradition request from Spain.
7 I missed out on his offer of a free holiday in Spain.
8 Some reports say that she arrived in Spain only three weeks ago, apparently to attend a wedding.
9 Australia, England, Indonesia, Japan, Russia and the United States have all bid for both championships, and there are joint bids from Belgium with the Netherlands and Spain with Portugal.
10 A few countries bucked the trend with France, Greece and Spain all enjoying a narrowing of the gap between rich and poor over the past 20 years.
11 But a lesson from Italy and Spain is that bond markets worry as much about economies' ability to grow as the size of their deficit.
12 I think Spain will skirt the crisis, but I understand the depth of the worry.
13 Archeologists have found more than 100 painted caves depicting at least 4000 animals in Europe, nearly all of them concentrated in southern France and northern Spain.
14 If Spain falls into crisis, then all current mechanisms for dealing with the crisis will turn out to be inadequate.
15 are already plans for a cowshed in St Moritz and a bodega in northern Spain.
16 But would they have saved Spain or Ireland?
17 Powers like these might have done something about Greece. But would they have saved Spain or Ireland?
18 But Greece, Spain and Ireland don't have that option - they don't even have their own monies, and in any case they need deflation to get their costs in line.
19 The people of the US, UK, Spain and Ireland became speculators in land.
20 Today it is Greece. Tomorrow it will be Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Iceland.
21 Revenue plunged in both Spain and Ireland, in part because tax receipts depended heavily on real estate transactions.
22 The Euro also has its problems and is suffering from the problems of its weakest members - Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Ireland.
23 As an American, my devotion to Real was only as deep as my four months in Spain could engender.
24 incidence of chronic liver disease and cirrhosis, falling in Spain, France and Italy, is rising in Britain.
25 Italy and Spain have seen sharp rises in unit Labour costs and their labour-productivity growth has stalled or gone into reverse.
26 Another person may be living in London, but they may be doing something on a server in Spain.
27 When the treaty between England and Spain was set aside Morgan was knighted by King George II of England.
28 As you approach it would then say something like "these oranges are the best from Spain, would you like to try them?" that sort of thing.
29 The Pacific Ocean trash dump is twice the size of Texas, or the size of Spain combined with France.
30 The next spring, Dr. Dornhaus moved her study to the well-flowered thyme, lavender and wild rose shrublands of Spain, repeating her experiment and refining it.