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1 In the deepest, darkest days of our conflict with the Soviet Union - or our confrontation with the Soviet Union - we talked to them.
2 During Soviet times a successful bureaucrat could expect to live in a good but modest three-bedroom flat, with modern furniture. He could expect holidays on the Black Sea coast.
3 mentions some hapless policemen from West Berlin arrested at the city’s town hall (in the Soviet sector); most were never seen again.
4 In that decade, when central and eastern Europe were still part of the Soviet block, Europe suffered low growth and high unemployment caused by two oil shocks.
5 In the post-war Soviet Union she sent food parcels to political prisoners and attended their trials, until her first marriage collapsed in the chaos of caring for them.
6 But these men, Soviet and American, work together well for peace, even as they have worked together in building this Exhibition.
7 But in Russia, where the notion of a tsar survived the Soviet Union, divided power is usually problematic.
8 He went so far that people started to complain his going too far when such a giant as Soviet Union crashed down.
9 only sources? Rare lunar meteorites, soil from Soviet probes, and the 842 pounds of rubble carted back by Apollo astronauts from 1969 to 1972.
10 Soviet ground forces were quickly enveloped, cut off and destroyed in vast Numbers.
11 Laughter and applause.) The Soviet Premier, Khrushchev, had threatened to "bury" America just a few years before.
12 Since the end of the Cold War, when Washington sniffed Soviet influence in its backyard, U.S.-South American policy has slumped in importance.
13 That is not because there is anything illegitimate about wanting a strong Russia. What is wrong is how they define that strength-in the Soviet terms of awe and anxiety-and how they pursue it.
14 monument to Soviet central planning was supposed to have been a heap of surplus left boots without any right ones to match them.
15 Love, like music, is always a true story-in the spring of 1980, half a year before we emigrated to Israel, my grandfather decided to smuggle his collection of rare stamps out of the Soviet Union.
16 Around 100,000 fans packed the Bernabeu on 21 June to witness the final of Euro 1964 when Spain snatched a victory rife with political overtones from the Soviet Union.
17 For years, the Soviet navy released nuclear waste into the sea, including several spent submarine reactors that were dropped overboard at undisclosed locations.
18 The rousing hymn of the international workers' movement-freedom thundering against oppression, starvelings rising to end the age of cant-was felt not to fit the needs of the contemporary Soviet Union.
19 Growing knowledge of the lies and crimes of the past barely shook the new intelligentsia's faith in the Soviet system. Their world view was still Marxist, their patriotism genuine.
20 This was true of the Soviet Union, with tragic five-year plan after five-year plan.
21 Mr Putinresents the West’s influence in former Soviet countries such as Georgiaand Ukraine, and he dislikes the puckish Mr Saakashvili intensely.
22 But the film director James Cameron was facing claims today that his 3d blockbuster Avatar owes an unacknowledged debt to the popular Soviet fantasy writers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.
23 They could even count the fruit in Soviet orchards and analyze their crops.
24 For them I was still the Soviet chess champion and the idea that I was an "American agent" sounded as ludicrous as it is.
25 Like the Soviet empire (and the British one before it), it has failed to understand that controlling Afghanistan is much harder than invading it.
26 In “Red Dawn, ” a group of high schoolers form a guerrilla resistance against an invading Soviet Union and its allies.
27 was no question that the attack took place and that Soviet aircraft were destroyed on a Soviet airfield.
28 Masterpieces of the culinary art of the Soviet era and more.
29 He had "a very ordinary Soviet upbringing" : an academic mediocrity, he ended up at culinary college, then did his military service in Georgia and at a dog-training school.
30 Three others, one British, two Soviet, were minutely pored over before being scrapped.