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Southern Mon in a sentence

1. Diffloth's widely cited original classification, now abandoned by Diffloth himself, is used in Encyclopædia Britannica and—except for the breakup of Southern Mon–Khmer—in Ethnologue.

2. The names Lhomon Tsendenjong (southern Mon sandalwood country) and Lhomon Khashi (southern Mon country of four approaches), found in ancient Bhutanese and Tibetan chronicles, may also have credence and have been used by some Bhutanese scholars when referring to their homeland.

3. Ethnologue lists Mon dialects as Martaban-Moulmein (Central Mon, Mon Te), Pegu (Mon Tang, Northern Mon), and Ye (Mon Nya, Southern Mon), with high mutual intelligibility among them.

4. Meanwhile, Tabinshwehti received news that Siamese forces had occupied the Tavoy (Dawei) frontier up to Ye (modern southern Mon State).

5. The names Lhomon Tsendenjong (Sandalwood Country), and Lhomon Khashi, or Southern Mon (country of four approaches), have been found in ancient Bhutanese and Tibetan chronicles.

6. The Aslian languages are part of the southern Mon-Khmer languages, along with the Mon language and possibly the Nicobarese languages.

7. Thihathu grew up in Ava amidst the Forty Years' War with the southern Mon-speaking kingdom of Hanthawaddy Pegu.

8. Burma went by the name of Kalingarat (Kalinga Rastra) in the 7th century BC, and there is evidence of very early settlement in the southern Mon portion.

9. The evidence of the inscriptions, Luce,Journal of the Burma Research Society(volume = XXII,page-121 shows that the Pagan community was mixed up with Hindu Brahmanic cults, Vaishnavism in particular of which had been migrated from southern Mon indianised cities.

10. Ye has become the major city for Southern Mon State with Sector Operation Command of Air Defense, and Military Operations Command 19 based headquarters.

11. By 1370, he was a senior officer in the army of King Binnya U. In 1370, the king, who had been fighting a two-front war against rebellions led by Byattaba of Martaban (modern southern Mon State), and Laukpya of Myaungmya (modern Ayeyarwady Region) since 1364, appointed him governor-general of Taikkala (about 10 km south of modern Kyaikto), with the title of Smin Sam Lek.