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Snag in a sentence

1. Anderson lassos a snag and crosses.

2. In July 2001 the land swap hit another snag.

3. It can fail if there is a snag in the line.

4. Almost immediately, they hit a snag.

5. He later appeared to snag a hostage for Hedogross.

6. She fell into a pool, and a snag bound her there.

7. The first snag came quickly.

8. During the 1950s, the industry hit its first snag.

9. On 6 August she aided Paw Paw, sunk by a snag.

10. Snag may refer to:

11. In addition, prongs can snag on clothing or fabric.

12. Snag Lake is accessible by hiking trail only.

13. On 23 February 1863, she hit a snag and sank.

14. "Snag-it" is a song written by Joe "King" Oliver.

15. A second snag exists to the south of the first.

16. As it fished, Mistake's net hung on a snag.

17. Other things can also snag on various objects.

18. A fishing line can snag on a tree, for example.

19. Snag Rocks, (65°8′S 64°27′W

20. This is to aid concealment and a snag-free draw.

21. these jagged teeth were useful to snag its prey.

22. However, there's a snag.

23. But there is a snag.

24. Another potential snag is oversupply.

25. There is one big snag, however.

26. But there is a tiny snag. They loathe each other.

27. There is a snag, though.

28. However, I hit a snag this time.

29. In Japan, that is a big snag.

30. The snag is that the bill is unconstitutional.