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Smaller portions in a sentence

1. He always thought he was served much smaller portions than everyone else.

2. German and Austrian troops were left with smaller portions of the loot.

3. Representing smaller portions of Covington County are Blaine Eaton and Bob Evans, both Democrats.

4. smaller portions are located in Cattaraugus County and Chautauqua County.

5. They cultivated far smaller portions of their land and worked much less.

6. Adult females and offspring have smaller portions of their bodies that are white in color;

7. Smaller portions were transferred to Yellowhead and Battle River-Crowfoot.

8. Also in Turkey are several smaller portions of the frieze which were found later.

9. Smaller portions will transfer to Spence (formerly Wakefield), Adelaide and Makin.

10. The flour is then bagged into smaller portions which can be purchased at the mill.

11. upper discal white patch composed of three smaller portions than on the upper-side;

12. Smaller portions are simply called pique;

13. A meat cutter prepares primal cuts of meat into smaller portions for retail sale.

14. In 1967, IBP introduced boxed beef and pork, which were vacuum packed and in smaller portions.

15. Hind-wing with the marginal macular band narrower, and composed of smaller portions.

16. Smaller portions of the population are non-religious.

17. Smaller portions of the old riding became parts of Parkdale—High Park and Davenport.

18. Approximately 100 smaller portions were added to the original five square mile Pueblo.

19. The landowner was the Széchényi family, but several residents had smaller portions of lands.

20. Thus the casual viewer got the flavor of the old movie marathons in smaller portions.

21. Contrary to smaller portions of crab meat, it can be used whole.

22. smaller portions are in Altamont, St. Armand, Brighton, and Franklin.

23. Smaller portions are drained by the Kootenai, Saskatchewan and Missouri rivers.

24. The trails are paved in smaller portions and for the most part are graveled forest trails.

25. The meats may be whole, halved, or in smaller portions due to processing.

26. Smaller portions of the watershed are in Mahanoy Township and West Mahanoy Township.

27. The children's menu consists of smaller portions of the main menu.

28. Most of the district is in Adair and Guthrie counties, with smaller portions in Audubon County.

29. The district is mostly in Jones County, with smaller portions in Delaware County and Linn County.

30. Dig out the clumps of roots and divide them into smaller portions to replant.