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1 To answer the first two it is necessary to peel away layers accumulated over 510 years since a band of Portuguese explorers landed in what is now Bahia state.
2 Since the new tree was unable to reproduce naturally, caretakers amputated some of its limbs and grafted them onto other citrus trees to produce more of the desirable fruit.
3 Theoretically this should be fine since the trunk is the Done branch and the definition of Done is "releasable".
4 Raw materials from Brent crude to wheat, cotton and metals fall in unison, paring strong gains made since mid-March on lost oil output in Libya and steep falls in agricultural stocks.
5 happens in Ukraine is particularly important if you like beer since the drought-hit nation has banned grain exports since this summer's drought.
6 Since that time, racing drivers have reached speeds over 600 miles an hour.
7 Each team has their own work branch, since they each need somewhere to test their code before publishing to the trunk.
8 He has eaten so many eggs since his childhood that he is fed up with them now.
9 His dad taught him since a young age, so he knows how to build a house, he can wire up any office, he can build a computer from nothing, and fix a car.
10 But since nobody can design the perfect user interface, there is no guarantee that the new design does in fact fix the problems.
11 Since the system was installed on a separate hard drive away from precious storage, the system can be reinstalled on the same hard drive without touching the devices associated with the share.
12 She went to the countryside in 1958 and has worked there ever since.
13 Rocket propellant has barely changed in the more than 50 years since the launch of the first artificial satellite Sputnik.
14 Though North Korea is one of the world's poorest countries, its skill with missiles and rockets has improved steadily since it first acquired a missile from Egypt around 1980.
15 The Doha negotiations, which have stuttered repeatedly since their launch in 2001, appeared to gain some momentum this year when both India and the US signalled more enthusiasm for the talks.
16 Most of its highlights have been in the same city since they were created, yet almost all are central to the history of art.
17 When they use this environment, since it is Shared, they run the risk of interfering with each other's work, but this should be manageable.
18 Why then have these problems only increased since that time?
19 This significantly lowers the threshold for projects to adopt process technology since the process persistence can be transparently integrated with the application persistence.
20 Instead, we recommend that you install the latest TL or SP, since these are tested as a unit and they go through a longer test cycle.
21 But I'm not Chris, I'm that girl Susan, using my memory, and his diary I found after one year since he left, writing down these last words.
22 Since much of the migration process is manual, hopefully these articles help you in the migration process and also in making decisions on what course to take before and during the migration.
23 Yet while liberals have cheered the result as a mark of social progress, it does not necessarily augur plain sailing for the al-Sabah family that has ruled Kuwait since the 18th century.
24 But both teams have since announced that the signals have weakened, although they have not ruled out its existence within that range.
25 largest active region seen on the sun since 2005 has rotated to the center of the sun's face, as seen from earth-which means any eruptions it produces will be aimed right at us.
26 Since then, thankfully, the eruptions have been less intense.
27 stock market called every depression and recovery since 1930.
28 Since the Mumbai attacks, Delhi has stepped up the pressure on Washington to assist in the rendition of Pakistani nationals that it says planned, financed, and directed the operation.
29 they are imported, they can be set to read-only and not changeable since their definitions are part of the federal standard.
30 back on it, I can see how the statement looked ambivalent and a touch arrogant, but it was an honest expression of how I felt, as I began the first campaign since 1982 that I could have lost.