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No. sentence
1 Similarly, a public campaign to get people to take hazardous waste to special collection points makes them put more of it in the bin.
2 Similarly, even though we may have a hundred and one things in our to-do list, not all of them have the same importance.
3 Similarly, if you are doing load balancing by clustering several computers, the session data is stored only on the computer that created it.
4 The pattern in this case is that when the first transaction reads a row it will "stamp" it with the identity of the user, similarly to how pessimistic session locking is handled (covered next).
5 Similarly, when Reagan pulled letters written by ordinary people out of his pocket and read them on national television, it was theatrics, but it was honest.
6 Once the 'true believing' process is in place, you can pour in any content with similarly destructive results.
7 Once a food is accepted, parents should use “food bridges, ” finding similarly colored or flavored foods to expand the variety of foods a child will eat.
8 Similarly, on the administration side, it may be desirable to grant an administrator rights to all stores within a region.
9 Similarly, the emissions of shampoo depend on how long you spend in the shower, how hot the water is and the quality of your boiler.
10 Similarly, Russian attempts to draw analogies with NATO’s bombing of Serbia in 1999 and its encouragement of Kosovo’s independence, or with the American-led invasion of Iraq, do not wash.
11 Finally, the system searches through a database of similarly decomposed sample symbols, looking for matches.
12 Cor. 11:25 Similarly also the cup after they had dined, saying, this cup is the new covenant established in My blood; this do, as often as you drink it, unto the remembrance of me.
13 But it is unusual to see so many similarly posed images of women on their backs, back-to-back, in magazines.
14 Similarly, the United States' revision of its Copyright Act in 1909 broadened copyright protection to music and further to all works of authorship.
15 Memory experts similarly report that with practice, techniques like pegging and chaining are taken over by the subconscious, just like riding a bicycle.
16 Similarly, countries that had raised taxes on oil when prices were high, such as Britain and Russia, are now particularly reluctant to reduce their take yet further by lowering them again.
17 been a reporter in Beirut in 1983 when, on a similarly beautiful morning, terrorists bombed the U.S. Marine Barracks, I suspected instantly that it was a replay, only far worse.
18 Similarly, the SDR can merely provide a convenient way of holding a basket of currencies, and will not be an alternative reserve currency.
19 Similarly, if you are in Lotus and your top knee is not on the floor, pushing that knee downward can apply enormous damaging force to the meniscus.
20 Similarly, using silane in the way the FBR process was designed, carbon and oxygen are not introduced.
21 Similarly, with happiness, I get an abundance of confidence in my skills and in my resilience towards temporary failures to achieve success.
22 Similarly, the security involved in love goes together with the fear of losing that security.
23 Similarly, recommendations on high fat foods such as avocados, olives, nuts, seeds and cold-pressed oils range from a few percent to about 40% of calories.
24 Similarly, someone who recovers from an overeating disorder does not stop eating entirely but learns how to manage diet.
25 So if HTTP is an appropriate choice, then I suggest using it instead of another similarly suited transport.
26 Within the EU, Greeks and Italians will be better placed to move to cooler climes than inhabitants of similarly sized countries elsewhere.
27 This means that the landscape is sacred, and that caves and places of retreat are similarly sacred.
28 That will in turn bring new burdens on carers and social services providers, while patterns of work and retirement will similarly have huge implications for health services and pensions systems.
29 Even in the case of an API or a similarly unglamorous set of functions, someone else CARES: a partner development team, a consuming application team, whomever.
30 Similarly, just because you have a single common business model fueling your analytics engine doesn't mean you want every user to see every analysis or report.