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Sikhs in a sentence

1. Sikhs believe in reincarnation.

2. it is binding upon all Sikhs.

3. There are also a few Sikhs.

4. 0.1% are Sikhs.

5. and the Sikhs speak Punjabi.

6. Some of the victims were Sikhs;

7. This is rejected by Khalsa Sikhs.

8. The Sikhs claimed victory.

9. That is what Sikhs will do..".

10. He advised Sikhs to arm and fight.

11. Sikhs, 661,320;

12. In 1748, the Sikhs attacked.

13. The Sikhs laid siege to the city.

14. Mostly they are Sikhs from Punjab.

15. There were only 40 Sikhs.

16. These Sikhs are far too obtrusive.

17. For Sikhs it was Sardar Bahadur.

18. Khanguras are mostly sikhs.

19. 44.09% Sikhs.

20. We are not Sikhs.

21. This news incensed the Sikhs.

22. Her parents are baptised Sikhs.

23. The Grewals are mainly Sikhs.

24. Most of people are Sikhs.

25. Most are non-Sikhs.

26. Sikhs were always in majority.

27. Sikhs were always in majority.

28. The Sanatan Sikhs (lit.

29. The Sikhs claimed victory.

30. Gurv and Harv are both Sikhs.