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Sidi Boumediene in a sentence

1. During the Middle Ages, North Africa was home to many great scholars, saints and sovereigns including Judah Ibn Quraysh, the first grammarian to mention Semitic and Berber languages, the great Sufi masters Sidi Boumediene (Abu Madyan) and Sidi El Houari, and the Emirs Abd Al Mu'min and Yāghmūrasen.

2. The park includes the forests of Ifri, Zariffet, and Aïn Fezza, the waterfalls and cliffs of El Awrit, and many archeological sites and the ruins of Mansoura, the ancient city on whose ruins Tlemcen was built, as well the Mosque of Sidi Boumediene, the patron saint of Tlemcen.

3. Sidi Boumediene Mosque (Arabic: مسجد شعيب أبو مدين‎) or the Worshipper's Mosque (Arabic: مسجد العباد‎) is a historic Islamic religious complex In Tlemcen, Algeria, dedicated to the influential Sufi saint Abu Madyan.

4. Georges Marçais suggested, on the basis of its strong similarity to the Sidi Boumediene Mosque in Tlemcen, that it was built by the same architect and under the same ruler as the latter, thus placing its foundation in the reign of Sultan Abu al-Hasan, between 1331 and 1348.