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No. sentence
1 you live in Seattle?
2 Today it is a hub for Metrolink commuter trains and Amtrak services to faraway cities such as Chicago and Seattle. These trains have to pull in and then back out in a clumsy manoeuvre.
3 Seattle is also home to the Oregon grape — more closely related to the barberry than an actual grape — and English ivy, an invasive vine that Seattle-area crafting groups weave into baskets.
4 months later, I was able to sit in London and watch a similar screen, tracking 60 pieces of rubbish in Seattle. Each one had a story to tell.
5 Earlier this month, he hinted in Seattle that a back-channel discussion was already under way.
6 The app currently features a database for 12 of the larger metropolitan areas in the U.S., including Boston, New York, San Francisco, la, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, and Austin.
7 NASA spokesman Steve Cole said that was possible because the last track for the satellite included Canada, starting north of Seattle and then in a large arc north then south.
8 Standing on a bustling Seattle sidewalk during my lunch hour, I sorted through ridiculous, painful legal entanglements hissing into my cellphone.
9 At the station in Seattle I had inexplicably opted to sit in ordinary plastic seats rather than sets of regal, oak-carved benches.
10 On my 40th birthday, I took advantage of the rare Seattle sunshine and went out with my camera.
11 He was arrested in those cases after former co-workers at the cafe saw his wanted photo in the Seattle Times and alerted authorities to his identity.
12 But we live in Seattle now.
13 They still live in Seattle, where they have three children together.
14 In Seattle, people go to coffee shops to talk to friends, read, play games, work on the computer, or relax.
15 We can ask for a cable remittance from Seattle if you would like.
16 No. I used to live in Seattle.
17 And then built this — this is the Smith Tower in Seattle.
18 Sir. But you might find this fight club of yours in Seattle, Sir.
19 I could not stay back in my middle-class Seattle suburb and do nothing.
20 shipping them from Seattle instead of NewYork?
21 There are few cities in the world blessed with a more beautiful setting than Seattle.
22 The next day in Seattle, at a lunchtime reading for the employees of a high-tech corporation, two more men fainted. Two big men.
23 Sits in Seattle, USA, the house is covered from floor to ceiling in colourful gum.
24 Some have been gathering in Seattle for over 60 years.
25 I live in Seattle, and my studio is a small space next to kitchen in my apartment.
26 I brought five cabinet members with me to discuss the popular uprising against globalization that we had witnessed in the streets of Seattle during the recent WTO meeting.
27 family support was one reason Mr.Gates decided to move Microsoft to Seattle, where he settled into a house not far from his parents.
28 two were once inseparable and met at Lakeside high school in Seattle where Allen paints a picture of the couple as the original nerds.
29 He is credited with building the Seattle company into an international success story.
30 She recently remarried and moved with her new husband and family into a big, old, crooked house in Seattle.