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Scythia in a sentence

1. The former Scythia was now entirely Sarmatia.

2. all present the Picts as conquerors of Alba from Scythia.

3. Tajikistan was part of Scythia in Classical Antiquity.

4. The name of the Scythians survived in the region of Scythia.

5. Scythia Minor was also defeated by Mithradates.

6. The IV Scythia took part in Trajan's Parthian Campaign.

7. This campaign also used the IV Scythia.

8. The stag lead them into unknown land that they named Scythia.

9. RMS Scythia was a Cunard liner.

10. Adam places this somewhere in Scythia.

11. According to him, the Greeks called Scythia Magogia.

12. It was known as a part of Great (i. e. European) Scythia.

13. All these tribes are known as Great Scythia by the Greeks.

14. His views extended into Scythia.

15. Fritigern led the Goths away from Marcianople towards Scythia.

16. He is sometimes mentioned as a khan of Saka (Scythia).

17. Bulgars arrived in Scythia Minor in the late 7th century.

18. Trophy. Scythia or Noricum.

19. Jordanes places the Slavs in Scythia as well.

20. The feature was named for a river in Scythia;

21. In describing the lands of Scythia (Getica.

22. The asteroid was named for the historic region of Scythia.

23. The Budini, unlike Gelonians, in Scythia are autochthones.

24. CHIRON Was never Scythia half so barbarous.

25. DEMETRIUS Oppose not Scythia to ambitious Rome.

26. Bulgars arrived in Scythia Minor in the late 7th century.

27. Scythia is a Canadian folk/progressive metal band.

28. Gylon married a woman of nobility from Scythia.

29. Scythia was a region of Central Asia in antiquity.

30. Scythia may also refer to: