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No. sentence
1 Michael's sure to return Scylla because his heart always betrays his better judgment.
2 Gretchen and Agent Self meet with Vikan to sell Scylla. Vikan informs them that a piece of Scylla is missing.
3 General forces Lincoln to partner with Gretchen and T-Bag in order to retrieve Scylla.
4 In an Interior Tunnel/Wall Outside Scylla Hallway, Sucre is continuing to drill.
5 Michael gives Mahone the address where Sara is holding Christina and tells him to go there and find out where Scylla is.
6 Baker's wife finds Mahone on the hillside and gives him the legend to the map for Scylla.
7 Christina takes Scylla from the briefcase Mahone gave her.
8 Krantz realizes that this is Christina's plan in motion: to profit from Scylla, she's caused an incident designed to provoke global warfare.
9 They are working with Roland, a hacker and identity thief who will assist them in finding and decrypting Scylla.
10 Suddenly, Whistler is shot by Wyatt, who takes the Scylla card.
11 This is very apt, except in one respect: Scylla and Charybdis mark the entrance to the dangerous waters of the Strait of Messina and are in Italy"."
12 Michael says they have to leave Mahone, but once they deliver Scylla to Kellerman, it'll buy Mahone his immunity.
13 Sara takes Linc and C-Note to the hospital while Michael delivers Scylla to Kellerman.
14 In an office building, Kellerman tries to boot up Scylla for Solomon Okella, the man from the U. N., but it doesn't work.
15 Deciphering it reveals that there is a 4:00 Scylla meeting.
16 Michael decides the best thing to do is destroy Scylla; Krantz will have them killed no matter what they do.
17 Krantz tells T-Bag that he's surpassed expectations, but to become a well-taken-care-of Company man, he'll have to do one more thing: when Lincoln brings Scylla back, T-Bag is to shoot him.
18 Meanwhile, General Krantz meets with Tuxhorn and demands to know who has Scylla.
19 When Scuderi questions him about it, Pad Man shoots him. He has the others in the Company activate their assets to retrieve Scylla.
20 Michael wakes up and tells Sara that Scylla is the key to limitless solar energy.
21 Self orders Gretchen to sell Scylla and have him on a plane by the end of the day.
22 Lisa updates Pad Man that she is ready to move Scylla. Sara sees Lisa leave the office.
23 wants Scylla moved now and Lisa Tabak tells him that it cannot be done. He orders media saturation on Michael and the group.
24 He gives up the missing piece, and Scylla boots up.
25 Lincoln's on the other line and says he's in Miami. He says he's giving Scylla back to the Company so they can walk away from it.
26 Whistler has the data card that contains the names of the Company's agents. The card is referred to as Scylla.
27 Stanton calls Michael, who explains that Self stole Scylla and killed two agents in cold blood.
28 Self asks Trishanne if there were other buyers for Scylla.
29 Christina enters and demands to know why they can't access Scylla.
30 In his office, Self explains to his director Stanton that they now need a total of six Scylla CARDS.