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Sarpedon in a sentence

1. Jupiter himself can not interfere to save his son Sarpedon."

2. The blue wing patches of the Aglais io. Graphium sarpedon.

3. this illustration depicts the death of Sarpedon, son of Zeus and Laodamia.

4. Poltys and his brother Sarpedon are given as sons of the sea-god Poseidon.

5. He placed it in a new genus Sarpedon.

6. Her sister ships on the service were Hector, Patroclus and Sarpedon.

7. After shakedown, Sarpedon sailed from Norfolk, Virginia for the Pacific.

8. It was named after the Lycian hero Sarpedon from Greek mythology.

9. A sable is the evil High Priest of Sarpedon.

10. Wigham Richardson, Wallsend, on 5 June 1913 under the name HMS Sarpedon.

11. Sarpedon was the name of several figures in Greek mythology.

12. Sarpedon may also refer to:

13. Zygaena sarpedon is a moth of the Zygaenidae family.

14. — vernetensis Oberth.[ junior synonym of sarpedon ssp.

15. Eos and Sarpedon have been suggested, as have Oinone and Paris.

16. The village was the site of a port in antiquity named Sarpedon.

17. and Sarpedon, king in Lycia.

18. Sleep is near Sarpedon's head and Death is near his feet.

19. This could be symbolic of the fact that Zeus holds Sarpedon near.

20. Sarpedon’s eyes are half open and looking out at the viewer.

21. Upperside black, with similar markings to those in Graphium sarpedon.

22. the medial band mostly narrower than in G. sarpedon.

23. other markings similar to G. sarpedon.

24. In some accounts, Zeus granted his son Sarpedon the gift of long life.

25. Cilix won the war, and Sarpedon became king of the Lycians.

26. An asteroid is named after the Trojan hero, 2223 Sarpedon.

27. At least three ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Sarpedon.

28. They are named after Sarpedon, a Greek hero and son of Zeus.

29. HMS Sarpedon was an R-class destroyer which served with the Royal Navy.

30. (= sarpedon Hbn., cedri Bruand) (4g).