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Salamandroidea in a sentence

1. The suborder Salamandroidea contains the advanced salamanders.

2. The clade Neocaudata is often used to separate the Cryptobranchoidea and Salamandroidea from the Sirenoidea.

3. The two main groups of extant salamanders are the Cryptobranchoidea (primitive salamanders) and the Salamandroidea (advanced salamanders), also known as Diadectosalamandroidei, both seem to have appeared before the end of the Jurassic, the former being exemplified by Chunerpeton tianyiensis, Pangerpeton sinensis, Jeholotriton paradoxus, Regalerpeton weichangensis, Liaoxitriton daohugouensis and Iridotriton hechti, and the latter by Beiyanerpeton jianpingensis.

4. The position of the Sirenidae is disputed, but the position as sister to the Salamandroidea best fits with the molecular and fossil evidence.

5. The Cryptobranchoidea (primitive salamanders) and the Salamandroidea, also known as Diadectosalamandroidei, (advanced salamanders) are believed to be sister groups.

6. Genetic analysis variously places them as the sister to other Salamandroidea or as sister to all other salamanders.

7. As of now, all species in the suborder Salamandroidea have shown to employ polyandrous mating strategies by females.

8. The Ambystomatidae are also members of suborder Salamandroidea, which includes all the salamanders capable of internal fertilization.

9. The Salamandroidea are a suborder of salamanders, referred to as advanced salamanders.

10. They are known as primitive salamanders, in contrast to Salamandroidea, or advanced salamanders.

11. It is comparable to modern advanced salamanders, though its phylogenetic placement within Salamandroidea is uncertain.