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Saint Anne's in a sentence

1. and one at Shubenacadie (Saint Anne's Mission).

2. The fort included Saint Anne's Shrine.

3. Saint Anne's Church, Aldeneik.

4. Se Cathedral. Saint Anne's Church.

5. He was buried in Saint Anne's Church, Dublin.

6. On his widow's death Saint Anne's Park passed to Algernon's cousin Rev.

7. Wyspiański attended Saint Anne's secondary school.

8. Saint Anne's Academy (1844) in Madison;

9. Clontarf also reaches into Saint Anne's Park, which it shares with Raheny.

10. Saint Anne's School may refer to:

11. Saint Anne's Cliff At its base there is a small clearing.

12. Saint Anne's Church in the district of Zieleniec.

13. He was buried in Old Saint Anne's Church Cemetery in Middletown, Delaware.

14. Saint Anne's Guild (also spelled gild) was a medieval religious guild in Dublin, Ireland.

15. Anne Island, named after Saint Anne's Day (the date of his landing there).

16. Saint Anne's image is also said to resemble the poet Anna Akhmatova.

17. It was placed in Saint-Anne's Catholic parish Church, built 1629–1635.

18. In Belfast, these proceed to Saint Anne's Cathedral for a church service.

19. He left for Saint-Anne's on 22 September 1738.

20. It is located 680 meters (2,230 ft) south of Saint Anne's Church.

21. It is also consisted of the ‘Saint Anne’s House’

22. While playing in the Amateur Football League Pioneers played at Saint Anne's Park.

23. and his own research at the library of Saint-Anne's hospital.

24. Alberts praised the depiction of Sanders but was let down by Saint-Anne's storyline.

25. Blackborne and his wife are buried at Saint Anne's Church, Kew.

26. Saint Anne's on the Sea is a town in the Borough of Fylde, Lancashire, England.

27. He was buried in Danville, in the cemetery of Saint-Anne's Parish.

28. Saint Anne's was its first Roman Catholic parish, established in 1867.

29. The twist in Saint Anne's neck draws directly from the cartoon.

30. Redmayne of Iffley, Saint Anne's on Sea: the wife of William t Redmayne of a son.